Sunset in Sanur Bali

Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan London? Kota yang ‘katanya’ menjadi salah satu destinasi wisata kelas wahid di dunia itu memang sudah sangat terkenal akan keindahan dan kemegahannya. Namun jangan salah, rupanya masih ada lokasi yang jauh lebih hebat dari London, yaitu Pulau Dewata Bali. Ya, benar sekali, pulau Bali yang ada di Indonesia rupanya memiliki daya tarik yang amat besar bagi para traveller lokal maupun internasional. Hal ini pun telah dibuktikan oleh TripAdvisor sebagai salah satu website penyedia layanan pariwisata yang mana mengemukakan bahwa survey yang ada menyatakan jika Pulau Dewata Bali berada pada posisi pertama sebagai destinasi wisata terbaik di dunia, mengalahkan London yang ada di posisi kedua.

Mendengar pernyataan survey ini tentunya kita sebagai masyarakat Indonesia patut berbangga pasalnya Bali menjadi telah menjadi lokasi destinasi wisata yang sudah diakui oleh dunia. Hal ini pun tentunya sejalan dengan visi dan misi yang dimiliki oleh Menteri Pariwisata Indonesia, Arief Yahya yang juga mengemukakan bila pulau Bali merupakan tempat yang memiliki “3A”, yaitu Akses, Amenita, dan Atraksi sehingga tak heran jika Bali memuncaki posisi pertama sebagai destinasi wisata terbaik di dunia.

Survey yang dilakukan oleh TripAdvisor sendiri sudah memakan waktu selama 12 bulan, yaitu sejak tahun 2016 sehingga pada bulan April 2017 ini hasil survey yang ada pun merujuk pada kemenangan pulau Bali sebagai destinasi wisata nomor wahid di dunia. Sedangkan isi dari serangkaian survey yang dilakukan oleh TripAdvisor meliputi beberapa aspek diantaranya adalah tempat penginapan, restaurant, dan atraksi yang ada.

Selain itu, masih ada lagi beberapa lokasi wisata di Bali yang membuat pulau ini menjadi sebegitu terkenalnya. Adapula beberapa lokasi tersebut ialah sebagai berikut:

Pantai Canggu, surga para penggila surfing

Pantai Canggu yang berlokasi di Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali ini merupakan pantai yang sangat terkenal akan pemandangan hijaunya. Ya, benar saja karena seluruh area pantai ini masih sangat asri dan alami sehingga banyak sekali sawah yang membentang. Selain menawarkan pemandangan alam yang indah, pantai Canggu juga mampu menghadirkan spot terbaik untuk para surferer dari seluruh dunia. Hal ini dikarenakan perairan pantai Canggu memiliki ombak yang tinggi dan konsisten sehingga sangat cocok untuk dijadikan tempat berselancar.

Pantai Canggu sendiri sudah sangat terkenal di kalangan surferer lokal maupun internasional sehingga sudah sangat banyak surferer kelas dunia yang rela jauh-jauh mengunjungi Bali hanya untuk menaklukan ombak yang ada di pantai Canggu.

Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest adalah hutan lindung yang ada di pulau Bali, tepatnya berlokasi di Ubud, Bali. Di tempat ini para wisatawan akan disuguhi dengan indahnya pemandangan hijau yang masih alami, bahkan ukiran-ukiran yang ada di bebatuan pun merupakan hasil alami tangan manusia pada jaman dulu kala. Di Monkey Forest ini pula para wisatawan dapat dengan mudah berinterksi dengan kera-kera yang ada. Tidak hanya itu, di area pusat lokasi ini juga terdapat pura Dalem Agung yang sangat menggambarkan budaya Bali secara keseluruhan.

Pura Uluwatu

Sebagai pulau yang juga dikenal sebagai ‘Pulau Seribu Pura’ tentunya Bali memiliki banyak sekali Pura. Namun diantara sekian banyak Pura yang ada rupanya terdapat satu titik lokasi yang menjadi lokasi favorit para wisatawatan, yaitu Pura Uluwatu. Di Pura ini para wisatawan tidak hanya disuguhi oleh indahnya bangunan pura melainkan juga disuguhi dengan indahnya panorama yang ada sejauh mata memandang karena Pura ini terletak diatas lereng yang sangat tinggi, bahkan pada sore hari Anda bisa menikmati indahnya Sunset dengan sangat jelas.

Status Bali sebagai destinasi wisata terbaik yang wajib dikunjungi tentunya harus tetap dijaga dan dilestarikan agar kedepannya nanti pulau Bali bisa menjadi jauh lebih baik lagi.

Marketing Campaign Through Digital

Marketing campaign is generic term we can find everyday from various sources. It is quite obvious a mega interest on how to promote business, product or service or any other purposes. Current media to execute the process include print, radio, television, and online platforms or channels. The messages are intended to show the applications, virality and interactive techniques. High and widespread competitions are what dictate how much and how many allocation of resources any business or entity wants to pour in for growing the awareness and sales. All in all, the creative process to get it into shape and delivery will kick in to ensure that the marketing campaign is optimized. Marketing campaign services as the topic will narrow the scope on digital landscape. And it is an endless and highly exciting topic to discuss as it can take start from any angle and start the brand awareness and funnel strategies.

Benefit of Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaign aims to build the engagement and relationship. Shortcut the customer journey into sales does not work anymore and is not the answer or solution to your long term business’s growth and reputation. To thrive in digitally driven environment, business needs to thinks and act proactively in delivering the right message across the online channels. Audience now has immediate and deep access to kind of information that will make them more informed than your professionals in business organization.

Marketing campaign can be tailored based on different goals in mind. The common themes in the marketplace will revolve around brand awareness, increase customer base and sales, introduction of new line of product, launching of new innovation. Even it can be initiated to minimize the impact of negative new or black campaign from competition or unknown sources. If a business or brand does not build its online presence with integrated marketing campaign, the audience does not have the comparable information that speak the truth for the business or brand itself.

Components of Marketing Campaign

Understanding the marketing campaign with online strategies will give you significant presence and expansion by ensuring that every portion of the whole strategy is managed in the right manner and right on target. These are two components to pay attention to when the journey to start the marketing campaign begins.
The First One is the Layout or Display. Like conventional marketing in the old days, where store front, brochures and leaflets, banners and many other physical stuffs used to draw the attention. In digital or online world, this translates into your website, blog, social media official pages and accounts. The cost to own these accounts are affordable and the setup process does not take long to go through.

The Second Ones are the Content Creation and Distribution. To make your content engaging and charming is creative process that need care and attention. This is where you need to plan ahead what of image and representation you want to get through into the mind of the audience based on your goals or objectives and target market. To deliver convincing and persuasive message, you need to do some background research on your potential market audience to understand what the pain point they can not deal with. It start with contextual writing of what your business can help to alleviate those problems backed with some data or information from internal and external sources. Information is everywhere, but it is more convenient for the audience just to browse around your content to grasp the understanding briefly and quickly. Then, it is necessary to have pictures and video to augment the visual interaction and appeal. Pictures and videos are making the whole point short span of time when the audiences prefer visual information. Good quality pictures and videos are not easy to come out with, it needs more in-depth professional treatment when your business calls for prestige and exclusivity.

Marketing Campaign Activities

When dealing in business, people will prefer to do business with person or business they know, like and trust. In the online world, to build a reputation poses different challenges. The audience has far greater voice in the social media and online searches and news. All aspects of your business will be researched on search engines including the leadership and professionals they deal with.

When this starts for the first time, it is important to claim your own real estate in the online hemisphere. Start authority website on your business to centralize on online profile. It should be a single place where people will come by to see your brand, expertise and credibility. It helps to fill the search gaps on things that relate to your business. There is always space to enlarge this right perspective as the business expands.

To establish new connections with audience, the initial step will involve establishing official social profiles. Many consumer good companies have done this to listen to what consumers say about them on social networks. However, every good business should do this, because it is important to build good search results in respect of your business. It is noticeable that Google search results include contents from social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and so on. Don’t let the audience go somewhere else to say your business when they need soft advice and consultation and even better, the right contact to inform their dissatisfaction and be solved professionally.

To build commercial connections with peers of business and media, it goes one step with digital public relations (PR). It will bring benefit to your brand as it gives credibility from authoritative  third parties. If your business is featured on mainstream or reputable online news publication, it is a recognition considered valuable in terms of publicity reach. Other than having to pay for the publication, online news portal consists of professional journalist and other experts who will look into your profile and background before going with going published.

GALASEO for Marketing Campaign

GALASEO is online marketing services in Jakarta, Indonesia which can cater to above prescriptions. It applies the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, social media marketing and online communication strategy to bring all the features of website and social media platforms to boost the business’ online presence.

It involves not only technical expertise to setup the website and social accounts, it also combines SEO and Cyber PR to handle all the content distribution that will effectively boost each of the online activities coherently. It will help to alienate fake information from real one for your business. Search engine sometimes may succeed and sometimes fails to filter out them for the search result indexes. With specialist expertise like SEO, this kind of issue can be handled, essentially to rank down from first page.

Marketing campaign services by GALASEO in Jakarta will safely handle the websites and social media account through all the updates of Google’s algorithm, webmaster policy of each platforms and utilize the features effectively and the clients may benefit from close coordination with online media portals. The design and layout will optimized professionally for good user experience and interaction. The contents will be optimized for human readers and computing machine’s algorithms.

In summary, marketing campaign services will grow these intangible assets for your business on:
  1. Building own authority with own website
  2. Building social authority with own social media accounts
  3. Building authority from online press media, industrial and professional practitioners

Soccer match in Bali

Indonesia, do you love watching soccer? If you do, we have a great news  for you. Soon the national team U-22 will do an international match in Bali. It is said that they will have a match with an elite European football club. This match will start near the end of May to the early of June 2017. It is PSSI who plans to hold this event. They prepare it as a part of SEA Games 2017.

As we said before, the match will be held in Bali. It is at Gianyar District to be exact. But, who will be the opponent? Truth to be told, there is no official confirmation about it. Indonesian National Team Head of Department, Gede Widiade, has been asked about it. Unfortunately, he did not want to tell the detail. He only mentioned that they are from European Club, and they will play either on May 25 or 26.

Rumor has it that it is Hertha Berlin that will compete with the team. This is an elite club from Bundesliga or Germany League. Actually, the CEO of Nine Sport, Arif Putra Wicaksono, has confirmed that there will be 3 European Clubs coming to Indonesia. Those are Hertha Berlin (Germany), Feyenoord (Netherlands), and Saint Etienne (France). He brought these clubs in order to hold a trial match with 3 national team in Indonesia. The teams are Bali United, Persib Bandung, and Team U-22. Looking at this fact means that the rumor might be true that the national team will fight against Hertha Berlin. Even if it is wrong, at least we are still able to enjoy watching the match between Indonesian team with the other two clubs. What you can do for now is wait until the big day comes.

Meanwhile, after doing this trial, team U-22 plans to go to Spain after Eid Al-Fitr. They actually supposed to go there on this April 15. But, they have to reschedule it since they failed to join the Islamic Solidarity Games (ISG) which will come on May 2017. This team will be training for one month in this matador country. This is their preparation before dealing with the Qualification of Asian Cup on the upcoming July 2018. After finishing their one-month training in Spain, they will continue their journey to Thailand. They will start the qualification match there before leaving for SEA Games.

Besides doing trial match with the European club, Team U-22 has another plan on doing same match with national team from Argentina. If there is no obstruction, you can watch this match on the upcoming June 13, 2017.

As we can see, Indonesian National Team U-22 is really busy in preparing themselves for the Qualification of Asian Cup 2018. They already have so many plans for several matches. At the moment, if you are a fan of this team and want to watch their performance, then you can go to their trial match with the European club in Bali.

Ujian Nasional SMA

Hari Senin (10/4/2017) merupakan pelaksanaan UNBK dan Ujian Nasional Kertas dan Pensil (UNKP) Tahun Ajaran (TA) 2016/2017 se-Indonesia. Namun, ada pemandangan yang kurang mengenakkan di SMKN 1 Petang, Badung, Bali, karena dengan terpaksa harus menggunakan naskah fotokopi dari soal mata pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia yang disebabkan oleh keterlambatan datangnya soal dari pemerintah pusat terkait. 

“Iya itu karena hingga waktu ujian akan berlangsung, kami belum menerima naskah soal. Sehingga sesuai petunjuk, sebelum pelaksaan ujian, kami didampingi dari pihak provinsi dan kabupaten juga mendampingi saat proses fotokopi naskah ujiannya,” kata Kepala SMKN 1 Petang, Gusti Putu Asih, Senin (10/4/2017).

Dikarenakan proses ujian yang harus diawasi secara ketat ini, maka proses fotokopi naskah soal juga dikawal oleh pihak kepolisian. Putu Asih juga menyebutkan, dari enam ruang yang mengikuti ujian ada dua ruangan yang belum kebagian naskah sehingga jumlah naskah yang difotokopi disesuaikan dengan jumlah yang belum tersedia. “Ada dua rungan yang belum kebagian naskah, atau 2 sampul untuk satu mata pelajaran. Masing-masing sampul isinya 20 naskah. Kami fotokopi sesuai kebutuhan,” jelasnya.

Pihaknya pun berharap naskah bisa datang lebih cepat, meski demikian dia mengatakan masih ada kemungkinan terjadi hal serupa. Namun ia menegaskan, pelaksanaan ujian yang diikuti 113 siswa tersebut tidak terganggu dengan permasalahan ini.

Bahkan menurut Data Dinas Pendidikan Pemuda dan Olahraga (Disdikpora) Badung, Bali, ada tiga sekolah yang kekurangan naskah soal ujian, di antaranya adalah SMKN 1 Petang, SMAN 2 Mengwi, dan SMK PGRI 1 Badung.

Di lain pihak, Kepala SMAN 1 Kuta Utara Ketut Kerta mengatakan bahwa secara umum pelaksanaan ujian berjalan dengan lancar. Dia juga menjelaskan bahwa UNBK dilaksanakan di SMPN 2 Kuta Utara karena sekolah yang dikenal dengan sebutan Sakura ini kekurangan perangkat komputer.

SMAN 1 Kuta Utara saat ini hanya memiliki sekitar 80-100 komputer, sedangkan jumlah siswa sebanyak 406 siswa. Pihaknya sudah berkoordinasi dengan panitia penyelenggara yaitu Disdikpora Provinsi Bali, jika akan menyiapkan generator set atau genset dengan cara menyewa. Biaya sewa genset sendiri tergolong amat mahal, yaitu mencapai 11 juta rupiah untuk satu hari.

Atas serangkaian kejadian tersebut, Kepala Disdikpora Badung, Bali, I Ketut Widia Astika mengakui bahwa masih terjadi kekurangan naskah UNKP di sejumlah sekolah di Badung, Bali yang mana satu di antaranya ialah SMKN 1 Petang. “Kami sudah koordinasi dengan provinsi untuk mencari solusi atas kekurangan ini, sehingga diambil keputusan fotokopi. Prosesnya harus dilaksanakan sebelum pelaksanaan ujian,” jelas Widia Astika. 

Widia sendiri juga mengakui sudah menerima laporan, namun pihaknya masih belum bisa memastikan naskah soal mata pelajaran apa saja yang memang mengalami kekurangan. Secara umum, kata dia, pelaksanaan UNKP di seluruh provinsi Bali berlangsung lancar, begitu juga dengan pelaksanaan UNBK yang terpantau tanpa ada kendala. Jadi, apabila ada beberapa masalah di sekolah tertentu bisa dikatakan itu adalah kesalahan sistem yang bisa dan harus segera diatasi.

Oleh karena itu pihak panitia penyelenggara UNKP dan UNBK berjanji bahwa untuk sisah hari ujian yang akan berlangsung ini seluruh kesalahan tersebut akan diminimalisir agar proses ujian dapat berjalan dengan lebih baik dan tertib. Dengan demikian para siswa pun diharap dapat menjalankan ujian dengan sebaikn-baiknya agar bisa mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan.

Nusa Dua beach

Bali certainly has attracted a lot of people’s attention for a long time. Last month, the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, came to Indonesia. After meeting with President Joko Widodo to sign some agreement, he decided to take a vacation in Bali. Then, at the end of March, another world leader visit this country again. This time is the president of France, Francois Hollande. Similarly, he also came to this country to sign a cooperation. In contrast to the king, he did not go to the paradise island. So, what is the connection between him and Bali?

As we said before, the reasons why President Hollande came to Indonesia is to establish a cooperation of both nations. Particularly, he focuses on the field of economy as well as culture industry in the digital era. There are 3 agreement of which both presidents have signed. Among those three, the second agreement is quite interesting. It is about the agreement between Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation and Festival Film Romantic Cabourg. In this contract, both parties have decided to build a bridge in Nusa Dua, Bali. It is not an ordinary bridge since it is called as Lovewalk.

The purpose of this bridge construction is to greet the prime edition of Asia Pacific Film Festival. But, what is the reason behind choosing Nusa Dua as the spot? Most people know that Bali has a lot of romantic spots. Among all of them, Nusa Dua is considered to be the most romantic. In addition, some people claim this peaceful place as a symbol of love and harmony. Lovewalk will be ready on the upcoming November 2017. It is near the day of the film festival.

Meanwhile, this bridge will take the same design as the one in Cabourg. As some of you already know, that bridge is a popular destination for all lovers. Every couple who goes there will set a padlock on the fence to symbolize their love.

Can you imagine what will happen if the bridge is completely finished? There is no doubt that Lovewalk will become very famous, especially for all lovebirds. This will add another tourism attractions we can go to when we visit Bali. Furthermore, once the bridge is ready to use, it will become a great place to hold some special occassions such as Valentine’s day, proposal, and even wedding party.

Besides as the symbol of love for couples, Suzie Pietri, the representative of Cabourg Romantic Film Festival, hopes that this bridge of love will be the prove of how France and Indonesia can become a country of love and romance. We cannot agree more with that statement. In fact, we even cannot wait how the bridge will look like. Not only us, most of you must be certainly excited to see the result, right? We can see it now that soon Lovewalk will be full of tourists, either from domestic or overseas.So, prepare yourself when this bridge of love is done.

Sebagai umat yang beragama, membangun hubungan yang baik antar sesama adalah hal yang dianjurkan. Selain itu melakukan pendekatan kepada Sang Pencipta dengan melakukan ibadah dan berdoa adalah kewajiban setiap manusia kepada Tuhan-nya. Begitu juga dengan kesibukkan sehari-hari dalam beraktivitas, haruslah diselingi dengan pendekatan diri kepada Tuhan agar mendapatkan ketenangan hidup di dunia ini.

Hal itu jugalah yang dilakukan oleh segenap karyawan PT. Nabire Baru bersama masyarakat setempat, dengan dukungan perusahaan dan berbagai pihak baik pemuka agama maupun tokoh adat setempat untuk melakukan berbagai kegiatan keagamaan yang ada di lingkungan perusahaan di Kabupaten Nabire Papua.

Salah satu contoh kegiatan yang pernah dilakukan oleh PT. Nabire Baru adalah dilaksanakannya kegiatan penyegarahan Rohani oleh Kelompok Wanita Katolik Republik Indonesia (WKRI) Paroki Kristus Sahabat Kita Nabire yang bertempat di Pembibitan PT. Nabire Baru. Kegiatan ini dihadiri oleh Kepala Badan Pemberdayaan Perempuan, Perlindungan Anak dan KB, beberapa perwakilan karyawan PT. Nabire Baru dan juga masyarakat setempat.

Kegiatan ibadah di Gereja Kingmi Yaro II (Kampung Jaya Mukti) juga rutin dilakukan tiap minggunya dan tak jarang dihadiri oleh CSR Staff dan Act HR Manager PT. Nabir Baru serta dipimpin oleh pendeta Gereja yang merupakan karyawan harian (BHL) di PT. Nabire Baru tersebut. Sebagai contoh Minggu, 25 Agustus 2013, CSR Staff dan Act HR Manager Bpk. Parulian Siahaan mengikuti kegiatan Ibadah di Gereja tersebut.

Tujuan dari kegiatan ibadah pada saat itu adalah :
1.    Meningkatkan keimanan dan ketaqwaan
2.    Membangun hubungan yang baik antara manajemen perusahaan PT. Nabire Baru dengan karyawan dan masyarakat sekitar perusahaan.
3.    Melakukan sosialisasi tentang program CSR yang sudah dilakukan di masyarakat
4.    Melakukan pemetaan tokoh kunci di masing-masing gereja

Kegiataan keagamaan bukan hanya bentuk tanggung jawab perusahaan saja, melainkan bentuk tanggung jawab bersama untuk menciptakan hubungan yang baik antar sesama juga mendekatkan diri tiap-tiap individu kepada Tuhan-nya.

Dengan adanya rangkaian keagamaan yang dilakukan oleh PT. Nabire Baru beserta masyarakat setempat, menandakan bahwa antusias masyarakat setempat masih tinggi dalam menjalankan ibadahnya, serta membangun hubungan yang baik  melalui culture dan religiius merupakan hal yang tak dapat terpisahkan dalam kehidupan sehari-harinya. Kegiatan CSR lain yang pernah dilakukan diantaranya disajikan juga di BENHIL, artikel bertajuk PT Nabire Baru Melakukan Pengobatan Ibu Hamil dan Bayi.

Komitmen dan pencapaian inilah yang terus ingin dijaga dan dibina oleh PT. Nabire Baru  selaku perusahaan yang berada ditengah-tengah ruang lingkup masyarakat setempat. Selanjutnya berbagai rangkaian keagamaan dan kebudayaan masih terus dilakukan dan dikembangkan bersama oleh PT. Nabire Baru dan masyarakat setempat serta pemuka agama maupun tokoh adat setempat.

CSR Nabire Baru di Papua

"Hari ini saya datang untuk memberitahukan KPK melalui surat bahwa kami mendaftarkan gugatan praperadilan terhadap kasus klien saya, Miryam S Haryani atas penetapannya selaku tersangka. Sudah didaftarkan sejak Jumat (21/4) lalu, di Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Selatan"
Jakarta,  (Benhil, 27/04/2017) - Juru Bicara Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi Febri Diansyah menyatakan KPK akan menghadapi proses praperadilan yang diajukan Miryam S Haryani, tersangka pemberi keterangan tidak benar pada persidangan korupsi proyek Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP) elektronik dengan terdakwa Irman dan Sugiharto.

"Jadi, kami akan hadapi praperadilan tersebut. Namun proses praperadilan tidak akan menghentikan proses penyidikan yang sedang kami lakukan saat ini," kata Febri, di gedung KPK (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi), Jakarta, Rabu.

Mantan anggota Komisi II DPR dari Fraksi Partai Hanura Miryam S Haryani mengajukan praperadilan terhadap KPK yang menetapkan dirinya sebagai tersangka dalam kasus dugaan memberi keterangan yang tidak benar di persidangan.

"Hari ini saya datang untuk memberitahukan KPK melalui surat bahwa kami mendaftarkan gugatan praperadilan terhadap kasus klien saya, Miryam S Haryani atas penetapannya selaku tersangka. Sudah didaftarkan sejak Jumat (21/4) lalu, di Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Selatan," kata pengacara Miryam, Aga Khan, di gedung KPK Jakarta, Selasa (25/4).

Dalam penyidikan kasus Miryam itu, KPK juga baru saja melakukan penggeledahan di empat lokasi.

"Penyidik kemarin melakukan penggeledahan di empat lokasi, yaitu pertama di rumah tersangka di Tanjung Barat Indah, kemudian di kantor advokat di H Tower lantai 15 Rasuna Said Kavling 20, di rumah salah satu saksi di Jalan Lontar, Lenteng Agung Residence, dan rumah saksi di Jalan Semen Perum Pondok Jaya, Pondak Aren, Tangerang Selatan," kata Juru Bicara KPK Febri Diansyah pula.

Febri menjelaskan, empat tim melakukan penggeledahan tersebut dengan dilakukan secara paralel pada empat lokasi itu mulai dari siang sampai malam hari, dan dalam proses penggeledahan itu disita sejumlah dokumen.

"Setelah proses penggeledahan dan penyitaan tentu penyidik mempelajari terlebih dahulu dokumen-dokumen yang sudah disita tersebut terkait dengan penanganan perkara pada tahap penyidikan indikasi memberikan keterangan tidak benar di pengadilan," ujar Febri pula.

Mantan anggota Komisi II DPR RI Miryam S Haryani disangkakan melanggar pasal 22 juncto pasal 35 Undang Undang Nomor 31 Tahun 1999 sebagaimana diubah dengan Undang Undang Nomor 20 Tahun 2001 tentang Pemberantasan Tindak Pidana Korupsi.

Pasal tersebut mengatur mengenai orang yang sengaja tidak memberi keterangan atau memberi keterangan yang tidak benar, dengan ancaman pidana paling lama 12 tahun dan denda paling banyak Rp600 juta.

Dalam persidangan pada Kamis (23/3), di Pengadilan Tipikor Jakarta diketahui Miryam S Haryani mengaku diancam saat diperiksa penyidik terkait proyek kasus KTP elektronik (KTP-el).

"BAP isinya tidak benar semua karena saya diancam sama penyidik tiga orang, diancam pakai kata-kata. Jadi waktu itu dipanggil tiga orang penyidik," ujar Miryam sambil menangis.

Terkait hal itu, Miryam dalam persidangan juga menyatakan akan mencabut BAP (Berita Acara Pemeriksaan) atas dirinya.

Dalam dakwaan disebut bahwa Miryam S Haryani menerima uang dua puluh tiga ribu dolar AS terkait proyek sebesar Rp. 5,95 triliun tersebut.

KPK juga telah menetapkan pengusaha Andi Agustinus alias Andi Narogong sebagai tersangka kasus dugaan tindak pidana korupsi pengadaan pekerjaan KTP elektronik atau e-KTP.

Andi disangkakan melanggar pasal 2 ayat (1) atas pasal 3 UU No. 31 Tahun 1999 sebagaimana telah diubah dengan UU No. 20 Tahun 2001 tentang Pemberantasan Tindak Pidana Korupsi jo pasal 55 ayat (1) ke-1 KUHP jo pasal 64 ayat (1) KUHP dengan ancaman pidana penjara maksimal 20 tahun denda paling banyak Rp1 miliar.

Terdakwa dalam kasus ini adalah Direktur Jenderal Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil (Dukcapil) Kementerian Dalam Negeri (Kemendagri) Irman dan Pejabat Pembuat Komitmen pada Dukcapil Kemendagri Sugiharto.

Atas perbuatannya, Irman dan Sugiharto didakwa berdasarkan pasal 2 ayat (1) atas pasal 3 UU No. 31 Tahun 1999 sebagaimana telah diubah dengan UU No. 20 Tahun 2001 tentang Pemberantasan T8ndak Pidana Korupsi jo pasal 55 ayat (1) ke-1 KUHP.

Pasal tersebut mengatur tentang orang yang melanggar hukum, menyalahgunakan kewenangan, kesempatan atau sarana yang ada padanya jabatan atau kedudukan, sehingga dapat merugikan keuangan dan perekonomian negara dan memperkaya diri sendiri, orang lain atau korporasi dengan ancaman pidana penjara maksimal 20 tahun dan denda paling banyak Rp. 1 miliar. (Ben/Ant)


Kecak Dance Show

Initially, London was victorious in the top position. London was the dream of the traveler throughout the world. However, now the city of Queen Elizabeth must recognize the efficacy of the Bali Island. It is "London has fallen". This sentence started the America Online news on the last edition of 5 April 2017. The article entitled The Number One Travel Destination in the World in 2017 Trip Advisor version. As we know that London has Fallen derived from the title of a Hollywood movie starring Gerard Butler. 

TripAdvisor has announced Bali to become The World's Best Destination through the choice travelers since March 21, 2017. The Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya stated that the award is very credible, as selected by the top online platform in the world for the travelers. Relating to the article about world best tourist destination, Bali has defeated London according to the people choice. Initially, London was in top position and London was the dream of the traveler throughout the world. But, now Bali holds the trophy.

Bali was chosen as the top destinations based on reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants, and attractions that were collected along 12 months by TripAdvisor. Then, the article also explained why Bali deserved the good rating and beating London. Meanwhile, other island destinations such as Phuket in Thailand and Crete in Greece are just becoming new entries. However, Bali has become a special place in the mind of the traveler and it is easy to know why they love Bali so much.  

Bali sea with beautiful beaches is providing the best places to surf. Surfers can stare at Uluwatu that is standing on the cliff while waiting for the perfect sunset. That is all? Certainly, it is not only about surfing. Bali has many interesting attractions. In Bali., the travelers can also enjoy the legacy of World War II. There is a carcass of the USS Liberty in the territorial waters of Tulamben, Karangasem, on the eastern side of Bali. 

Today, the wreck was to be one of the favorite locations for divers. In addition, the US warship that was torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942 has also been becoming home to turtles and octopus that would be an interesting spectacle for divers. For nightlife world until just before sunrise, tourists in Bali may visit Kuta while for those who want a quiet atmosphere, green and cool, and then Ubud must be the best choice. There is a green rice field and affordable spa services in Ubud that all of the travelers can try. 

Still in Ubud, tourists can go to Monkey Forest. This location has a charming temple as there are also a lot of monkeys that are really worth to visit and see. Bali also has a peak Mount Batur which can be reached by three hours of hiking. "With this remarkable variation, it's no wonder that Bali appears at the top of the list," the article explained. 

Malu Dong Festival

Bali becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Bali is also known to be a very clean destination for a wonderful holiday. However, there are some people who still like making Bali dirty by littering. In this case, there will be an event called “Malu Dong Festival” that has a purpose of giving some education and understanding garbage issues in Bali that will be held on April 22-23, 2017. All of the event activities will be held in Lapangan Puputan Badung, Denpasar. 

A volunteer of Malu Dong Festival, Marlowe Bandem, says that this event is organized independently. It will unite all of the people care, profession, and generations. He also says that this event becomes a space to unite from various communities. The purpose is still the same to build awareness of the people to keep clean and they should never litter anymore.  

This action is socialized through social media accounts so that there are a lot of people who may get involved. This is the best way to send a message to people in a modern way according to Marlowe statement. He also adds that this festival is to celebrate the earth day on April 22 along with the first birthday of Malu Dong Community. 

Malu Dong Community was the idea of Komang Sudiartha and Putu Teryl. Since 2009, both of these men have been active to solve trash issues around Denpasar Bali. Their activity gets good responds from many parties so they created a Malu Dong Community in 2016. Komang says that he spends his 4 hours a day to get out of his residence. He starts to move to the community to change people behavior and gets into schools to educate people for not littering. It is really difficult according to his statement. 

Malu Dong Festival will be filled out with some training about garbage processing. Three will be a documented movie watching about the environment, discussion, and Photography exhibition. There will be some indie bands performances in Bali that is part of Bali Indie Movement. Putu Hendra as the coordinator of the program says that there will be 40 communities in the festival. All of the communities are related to the environmental friendly campaign and related to garbage. 

He also says that the visitors will be told for not bringing mineral water with plastic bottles because they already provide water filter installation. Besides, some of the food stands that provide foods are not allowed to use a plastic wrapper that can only be used once. In addition, the visitors are also not allowed to smoke in some certain areas because they also provide a special smoking area for the smokers. 

Clean Energy in Bali

Did you know that Indonesia has launched Center of Excellence for Clean Energy? In addition, it is Bali that has been selected to be the host for this facility. This actually has happened last year in 2016 when there was Clean Energy Forum conducted from February 11 to 12 in Bali. There were more than 1000 representatives from over 30 countries came to this forum with a theme called “Bridging the Gap: Promoting Global Partnership. In this forum, they mainly talked about the use of clean energy in the city.

Before we discuss more about it, let’s learn a bit about the facility center itself. Center of Excellence for Clean Energy was established in 2005. At first, it was began in the Pacific Northwest of USA such as Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. Now this facility finally came to Indonesia to do the same program. Through this facility, Indonesia expects that they will be able to increase the supply of clean energy. Moreover, they also want to make it reliable and affordable so more people can utilize it maximally. As a result, the level amount of pollution in the country will get lower as much as possible. In order to do that, they have planned several things to do such as build a clean energy technology, strengthen their human resources, create innovative finance, and many others.

Although Bali has been chosen as Clean Energy Center of Excellence in 2016, the program is not realized yet. The governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, has stated that this government program planned by President Joko Widodo will be done in 2019. Actually, the central government has been planning on establishing solar power plant long time ago. But, it had to be cancelled due to minister replacement issue. Now the plan is ongoing again. The general manager of the State Electricity Company even mentioned that this plan has achieved approval from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignasius Jonan.

The reason why Bali is chosen as the host is because they have been contributing in saving energy. One of the examples is when they celebrate Nyepi (Day of Silence). During the day, no one was going out and using electricity, including lamp, for 24 hours long. As a result, there is no pollution at all produced at that day. Not to mention, this paradise island still has a lot of green areas.

Besides the talk about the program in the last year meeting, they also discussed about recyling garbage and turning it into electrical energy. At the end, all parties agree that these two plans must be realized as soon as possible.

If they can finish everything soon, there is no doubt that Bali will be 100% clean as well as green. And that will affect the whole country sooner or later. Now we can only wait for the result. Hopefully, once it is done, Indonesia will be free from pollution.

Bali Kite Festival

When the sun shines at its brightest and the wind blows, it is the time to host Bali Kite Festivals. Bali does not only serve the best beach to surf or sunbathe, but it gives the festivals of everyone’s favorite. Balinese people are crazy about kites. When they say kites; they really take kite playing to another level. Forget the tiny polygon kite which fills the childhood memories, in Bali, kites are serious business and it is way more than just a child’s hobby. 

Balinese kites are literary giant and colorful. It is more like a flying machine which requires small groups to get it fly. Over the years, Balinese kites have evolved into a giant size which may reach up to 10 meters long and 4-meter width. Other kite types even have jaw dropping ribbon tails for up to 100 meters long and more. That is why the small army is required to pilot the traditional kites. 

This festival is a major annual event in Bali after the Bali Arts Festival which presents the unique Balinese culture. The schedule for this event may vary according to the weather and usually takes place on the Padanggalak eastern coast. 

Balinese Kite
The Bali Kite Festival was firstly a festival of seasonal agrarian to thank the heaven for abundance harvest and crops. The joy of harvest was then extended to groups of youth in Banjar flying their kites. Their participation was granted as the winner and get money as a prize from sponsors. That is the festival which now known as Bali Kite Festival. 

The kite competition involves some categories such as traditional kites and new creation kites. It features figures in three-dimensional and also unusual designs ranging from Hindu gods, motorbikes, cars, mascots, and more. While the contestants flying the kites, gamelan orchestra is played along to add the spirit and drama of kites take-off and landing. Some of the Balinese kite versions are:

  • Janggan type – Janggan kite is the one resemble the birds with impressive long and flowing ribbon tail which mostly reach 100 meters and more in length. The kite is made from bamboo craft framework and it takes weeks of crafting by the skilled youths under the supervision of elders. The janggan kite requires lightweight fabrics with selected colors to fit the intricate heads and long tails. Due to the giant size, it requires a truck to escort the kites to the flying grounds. 
  • Bebean type – the bebean kite is the most common type of giant kite in Bali. This kite resembles the outline of a fish. This kind of giant kite is mostly dominated the Bali skies when the time of the festival.

Bali Kite Festival 2017
The 34th Bali Kite Festival will be held on 13-15 July. The event literary brings kite playing into another level as it attracts more than 1,200 kites to compete and over 10,000 spectators. When the weather is good and the wind blows, it is the right time to fly out a kite on Bali Kite Festival. 

Ubud Food Festival 2017

Food festivals can be found in most countries as it is a great way to promote the local cuisines to the world. The Ubud Food Festival in Bali is also aimed to bring the Indonesian and Balinese cuisine, particularly to the outer world. The festival is also a way to celebrate the local produce and cuisine as well as a moment for prominent chefs gathers in the island.

The three days festival offers the opportunity to discover the variety and wealth of Indonesian cuisine. There will be also events such as organic markets and food bazaar which allows tasting the freshest farm items. The festival also invites famous chefs and culinary experts to take part in Ubud Food Festival including celebrity chef Farah Quinn, chef Rinrin Marinka, Pak Bondan Winarno, and more.

Performance and even details

This year festival will bring the theme of ‘Every flavor is a story’. The theme is aimed to celebrate the culinary heritage in Indonesia in which every recipe, ingredients, and culinary tradition have the story of the nation’s geography, history, and also diverse culture. It serves as a reflection of every journey of food production to bring it to the plate. Every flavor has the relationship of the local farmers to building the awareness of broader awareness of the industry and ecological trend which shapes the world and particularly Indonesia’s culinary.

During the three days of the festival, the member of culinary industry and food lovers will experience the influence of flavor from every food to deepen the understanding what the food tells us and also the stories to tell through food.

There will be events such as live music from local bands, film screenings and also workshops. Food photography, writers, and Instagrammers workshop will be hosted by the industry’s best during the festival. The new addition program is the kitchen stage which is a cooking demonstration series that open for free. The demonstration will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia by the country’s national chefs and international chefs as well to not only share the recipe but also the story behind it.

Ubud Food Festival will also host fringe events for a month before and after the festival. The fringe events will be held in Sanur and Seminyak dining hotspots with a long table for lunch which focusing on Balinese local taste. It will feature the collaborations of four chefs at Bikini.

Ubud Food Festival 2017

The third Ubud Food Festivals will be held on 12-14 May 2017 featuring more than 100 culinary icons, chefs, environmental advocates, restaurants, and also social inventors to descend on the island. The ticket varies throughout the festival according to the events. Workshops and special events ticket start from IDR 250,000 while opening night party starts from IDR 500,000. Tickets are available in Taman Kuliner, Ubud as the ticket box. The ticket box will also be used as the opening hub where the hosted talks and free events are held. Public visitors also have the chance to enjoy drinks, food, live music, and also fresh market bazaars.

Los Angeles, 21/4 (Benhil/Antara/Reuters, 21/04/2017) - Bintang-bintang "Guardians of the Galaxy" film Marvel tentang sekelompok pahlawan integalaktik, mendarat di Hollywood untuk debut kembalinya mereka dalam sekuel yang telah dinantikan para penggemarnya.

Kelompok pahlawan itu akan memulai petualangan tingkat tinggi yang lain dalam "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2".

Dalam "Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2," pahlawan ruang angkasa Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Rocket dan Groot menemukan diri mereka dikejar oleh seorang penjahat dan sekali lagi diberi tugas menyelamatkan alam semesta.

Dalam perjalanan mereka bergabung dengan Nebula, adik perempuan Gamora, bajak laut ruang angkasa Yondu dan Mantis, alien empatik. Film itu dijadwalkan dibuka di bioskop pada 5 Mei 2017.

"Ini adalah satu juta keping teka-teki dan saat Anda duduk kembali melihat mosaik yang telah Anda kumpulkan, Anda akan mendapatkan bahwa gagasan ini sepenuhnya telah dieksekusi, " kata Chris Pratt, yang berperan sebagai Peter Quill, dalam acara karpet merah penayangan perdana film itu pada Rabu.

"Film ini brilian, musiknya bagus, sangat lucu dan dramatis. Film Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 memiliki emosi dan hubungan yang hebat, menakjubkan, " kata Pratt.

Sylvester Stallone, yang memerankan Stakar Ogord, pemimpin bajak laut ruang angkasa yang dikenal sebagai "ravagers," mengatakan bahwa film laga merupakan mitologi modern jika dikerjakan dengan benar." "Jenis film laga yang pernah saya lakukan agak berbeda lebih 'mano-a-mano' ... sekarang mereka telah mengembangkan pahlawan penjaga alam semesta Marvel ini yang memiliki hati, yang memiliki banyak emosi, yang membawanya selangkah lebih jauh lagi," katanya, menggunakan ungkapan bahasa Spanyol untuk pertempuran "satu lawan satu" yang terkait dengam jenis kompetisi antara dua orang.

"Ini semacam persilangan antara 'Rocky' dengan 'Rambo' di ruang angkasa, "tambahnya.

Sekuel ini melanjutkan kisah "Guardian of the Galaxy" yang dikeluarkan pada tahun 2014, yang memecahkan rekor box office musim panas dan memunculkan kader baru pahlawan unik di alam semesta Marvel.

"Saya membuat film tentang orang buangan untuk orang buangan dan ini sangat menyentuh saya bahwa orang-orang di seluruh dunia, entah di sini atau di sana, di Jepang atau di Rusia atau di Inggris telah tersentuh oleh film ini, "kata penulis dan sutradara James Gunn.

James Gunn akan kembali menulis dan menyutradarai film "Guardians" ketiga, yang akan diluncurkan pada tahun 2020. (Ben/Ant/Reu)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Tanah Lot Temple at sunset

There is no doubt that Bali has become one of the most favorite destinations for all tourists. Every single year, tourists from all over the world always come here to spend their vacation. Once you come to this beautiful island, you will not want to leave it. In this city, there is a number of attractions which can entertain us all the time. Either it is the nature, cultural shows, or public facilities. These all features have given some good reputations to the city. 

Speaking of reputation, recently Bali just got another great news. If you check out the website of TripAdvisor, Bali has been selected as the best tourism destination in the world for this year. As usual, this website of travel hold an annual event known as Traveler’s Choice Awards. It is an award of which all tourists who give their vote to choose the winner. This year in category of Best Destination, Bali got voted the most which turns this city as the winner. 

All Indonesian people are surely so proud of hearing this amazing news now. Besides this winning announcement, there is another factor which can make the people more proud. That is the fact that Bali can defeat other strong competitors. In this case, this city has beat other famous tourism destinations such as Paris, Roma, New York, and many more. Besides TripAdvisor, there is another website which wrote an article about how Bali can remove London from the first position of traveling destination. In fact, the article is started with “London has fallen...”. This statement comes from the program manager of American Online (AoL), Morgan Giordano. He said that this island has become a special place for travelers. This is the perfect place for surfers to stand at the end of the cliff of Uluwatu Temple and enjoy such beautiful sunset. 

Truth to be told, it is not surprising to see Bali can seize the crown from other cities. This is the place where you can get a complete satisfying vacation. It can accommodate every traveler to get some unforgettable adventure anf spoil themselves for good. According to the Tourism Minister of Indonesia, Arief Yahya, the 3A of Bali is totally complete. Those are Attraction, Access, Amenity. 

There is no need to question how Bali has tons of entertaining attractions. It has beautiful beaches such as Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, etc. This city is also well-known for its temples like Besakih and Ulun Danu Bratan. Some of the attractions are easy to access. We can choose whether we want to go from one place to another with motorcycles, cars, or even walking. Furthermore, it also has some lovely facilities to enjoy. In our opinion, one of the best facilities is definitely their special Balinese spa. This is everyone will need after going here and there for such a long time, relaxing our body and relieving our fatigue. 

As you can see, Bali has everything we need for our holiday. Besides vacation, it is also a great place for romantic moments like proposal, wedding, honeymoon, and anniversary. All in all, we completely agree with Bali as the world’s best tourism destination in 2017.

Jakarta, (Benhil, 21/4/2017) - RUU Pemilu atau Rancangan Undang-Undang Penyelenggaraan Pemilihan Umum akan mengatur mekanisme kampanye di media sosial karena selama ini belum diatur dalam sebuah produk UU namun hanya di Peraturan Komisi Pemilihan Umum, kata anggota Panitia Khusus RUU Pemilu Achmad Baidowi.

Media sosial berbasis teknologi dengan berbagai bentuk mulai dari Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Path, Pinterest, Google+, Medium dan deretan nama panjang lainnya adalah media online yang mudah digunakan untuk berbagi konten, baik itu konten negatif maupun positif. Gambang dikerjakan dan dibagikan oleh siapa saja untuk tujuan tertentu, urusan pribadi, promosi usaha hingga kampanye online, termasuk melakukan bullying.

"RUU Pemilu mulai mengatur kampanye di media sosial karena UU sebelumnya belum mengatur terkait hal tersebut," ujar Achmad Baidowi di Jakarta, Jumat.

Baidowi mengatakan PKPU No. 7 tahun 2015 tentang Kampanye Pemilihan Gubernur, Bupati dan Wali Kota hanya mengatur mengenai akun resmi pasangan calon dan para pendukung.

Menurut beliau, terkait akun-akun liar yang banyak beredar di medsos belum diatur sehingga diperlukan payung hukum agar tidak terjadi kampanye hitam terhadap salah satu calon.

"Pengaturannya seperti apa, pemerintah silahkan melakukan simulasi misalnya terkait kampanye hitam bagaimana mengatasinya," ujarnya.

Politisi PPP (Parta Persatuan Pembangunan) itu menilai pengaturan kampanye di medsos dalam UU Pemilu kampanye di media sosial sangat penting karena kedepan kecenderungan digital politik siber (digital campaign) semakin menguat dan berkembang sangat dinamis.

Karena itu dia kalau tidak disiapkan perangkat aturan maka masyarakat akan menjadi korban dari kampanye hitam dan berita-berita "hoax" yang disebarkan akun-akun "liar" tidak bertanggung jawab.

"Terus terang masyarakat risih ketika orang berantem di medsos karena muncul sebuah komentar tanpa 'tedeng aling-aling'," katanya.

Dia menjelaskan tujuan dibuat UU Pemilu tersebut agar kampanye di media sosial (medsos) bisa terkontrol dan terkendali sehingga kampanye hitam bisa berkurang. (Ben/Ant)

Kampanye Media Sosial

President Joko Widodo at Bali Arts Festival

Bali is not only the home for natural beauty, but the island is also the home for culture and art. The local people embody the culture and tradition into their everyday life. No wonder if plenty religion ritual, tradition, and also festivals are held annually. This is because the Balinese people never once neglect their religion and cultural heritage. One of the most hype annual festivals in Bali is the Bali Arts Festival or Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB).

As the name suggest, Bali Arts Festival is an annual celebration of arts which features Balinese fine arts. Thousands of people from all over Bali, other parts of Indonesia, and even overseas are gathered to join in the festival. The festival will be held in a full month and of course half-partying in Balinese style. There will be shows of traditional bamboo arts and figures as well as colorful costumes parades and performances. Bali Arts Festival is all about art and culture.  

About Bali Arts festival

The Bali Arts Festival usually starts on second Saturday in June and continues to around mid-July. The festival is the perfect moment to witness the Bali’s culture richness of performing arts as well as other cultures from parts of Indonesia. As the main highlights of Balinese annual events, most arts performance and daily exhibitions will take place at Taman Werdhi Budaya Art Center. 

On regular day tour, the Denpasar Art Center is the place to admire the fabulous Balinese structural architecture and sculpture which is a great place for photo shoots. When the arts festival time comes the art center transforms into a lively art spots with colorful traditional coconut leaf and bamboo decorations and banner. 

The idea of Bali Arts Festival is to conceptualize the people idea to promote cultural tourism. The Balinese people believe that Bali should be for tourism and spread the good words about Balinese culture. Then some tourism and culture organizations further bring the idea of Bali Arts Festival into real and become one of the most famous annual events on the island. 

The annual celebration of art and culture

Bali Arts Festival will be started with an opening parade in Bajra Sandhi Monument, Denpasar. The parades are one of the important events in the festivals as lots of performers perform their dance and music along the street while wearing fancy costumes or colorful Balinese traditional clothing. On the evening after the parade, there will be an official ceremony. During the festival month, there will be various contemporary and traditional performances of shadow puppetry, dances, youth competitions, music compositions, craft exhibitions, flower arrangements, food stalls, and more. 

38th Bali Arts Festival 2017

This year the 38th Bali Arts Festivals will be held on June 10 to July 8. The theme for this year festival will be Taksu which means inner power. The theme is brought to put traditional arts in the first before the modern arts. The festival main aim is to promote the existence and identity of Balinese culture and spirit. Thus, there should be more about the traditional culture and art in the festival.

Bali Creative Week 2017

Creative week events are often held in big cities in Indonesia including Bali as well. Bali is not only famous for the beautiful beaches and nature, the island is also the home for culture, arts, and creative events. There is culture and art festivals are held annually such as the Bali Creative Week. The island is once again being the host for the creative week which is a big event to provide a place for young and creative people. 

Bali Creative Week is an event to accommodate youngster creativity not only from Bali but also all over Indonesia. This event is specifically created for those who run in creative business. Hundreds of young designer from various brands with plenty creative and authentic products will gather for the event. Young designers and local brands creative works will be displayed in the event. The creative works include fashion, art, lifestyle, craft, hobbies, and more. There will also art and talent performances from the various creative community including the indie band. The free creative workshop will also be held to jazz up the event. 

As the first creative event on the island, Bali Creative Week is expected to continuously be held every year. The creative week serves as a way to support the creative industry in Indonesia. It also gives the space for young designers, performers, and entrepreneurs to be more productive. The event also serves as additional attractions for tourism for both domestic and international tourist.

About the event
As a creative event for youngsters, Bali Creative Week provides space for young creative people to freely express their creativity. The event is not limited to Balinese people only. In fact, it invites all creative communities from all over Indonesia, particularly Bali, to show their talent and creativity in this cool event. Bali Creative Week is dedicated for all creative generation all over the country. 
Bali Creative Week will be held for four days is expected to attract fifteen thousands of visitors. This free event is also expected to process more than 1 billion transactions. Creative and authentic designers, community, and local brands from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali will join the national event. All events including creative exhibitions, indie bands, talent performers, and creative workshops are open for free. 

Bali Creative Week 2017
The third Bali Creative Week 2017 will be held for four days from April 27 to 30, 2017. The event precisely took place at long weekend according to Indonesian calendar. Level 21 Mall Denpasar will be the host of the honorable creative event. Followed by thousands of creative youngster, Bali Creative Week 2017 brings the concept of “Local’s Creative Event” which is aimed to help talented and creative youngsters to showcase their creative work to the world. This year’s theme of Bali Creative Week is the Eclectic Mode which means inspiration from Indonesia’s nature richness. This theme will be the forecasting trending fashion trend in 2017. The creative event is expected to bring a contribution for tourism and creative market itself. Make sure to mark the calendar for Bali Creative Week 2017.


Have you ever come to Bali? If you do, you must have realized how this city clings strongly to their traditional culture. They sometimes hold special events to show the culture of the city. One of them is Mesatua Bali Contest.

This contest is an event where a lot of young participants, mostly elementary students, will show their skill in story telling. This is not an ordinary story telling. The participants narrate their tales while doing a body gesture like they want to dance. It aims to make their act becoming more lively with the story. In addition, they also wear a traditional apparel for a final touch. Meanwhile, the stories usually performed in this event are folk tales originally from Bali. For example, there are Cupak Teken Grantang, Pan Balang Tamak, Naga Basukih, and many more. Since this is Balinese stories, all of the contestants must bring them in their native language. So, if you want to attend this event, you must know their language.

Not a long time ago, Bali just conducted Mesatua Bali Contest in Gianyar District on April 12, 2017. They held it in order to celebrate the 246th birthday of the district. The show was began with a Pendet Dance performed by a number of children. Then it continued with a prayer and opening speeches by the committee and regent. After that, another dancing performance known as Sekar Ibing entertained the audience before the main show was started.

This contest has been going on for a long time. But comparing to previous years, there is something different with the last show. In this year event, the committe allowed children with disabilities to join. In total, there are 21 disabled kids participated in this contest. One of them is Komang Gede Darmawan. He narrated a story about Lutung and I Kakua. In the middle of his performance, he told people that he forgot the story. It is quite understandable since he has intellectual disability. Although he could not perform really well, Darmawan claimed that he is still glad to be able to express his love of art.

About the judging, the juries will do it based on several points. Those are vocal, story telling skill, appreciation, and language. But, specially for the contest in this year, those points are not valid considering the condition of the participants.

There are several purposes of Mesatua Bali Contest. First, they intend to introduce Bali culture and art more widely to people. Second, it aims to maintain the culture so young generation will not forget their root. In this case, they particularly want to preserve their native language. Last but not least, through this event, they want to encourage all disabled children to express themselves. The Regent of Gianyar, Agung Bharata, told to the children not to lose their heart and spirit due to their condition. They must never be afraid of showing their creativity. Moreover, he even said that the people of the district will always support them.

Chinese tourist in Tanah Lot

Bali is one of the most popular islands in Indonesia which has wonderful scenery and has a lot of traditional dances that are really worth to visit. Most of the foreign tourists know Bali and they always make Bali as their first destination when visiting Indonesia. Some of the visitors are coming from China who really love Bali so much and wish to spend their holidays in Bali. Bali is really potential to become the best future tourist destination. But, some of the visitors from China have their own ideas about developing Bali well.

Some of the China travellers who visit Bali want to increase the development of Bali as a tourist destination so that it does not only focus on the nature view and the culture. Some of those visitors from Chine have pointed out their suggestions to develop Bali to become a better tourist destination. If Bali still wants to get more visitors from overseas, including China, so the government needs to think smartly and innovatively. 

As the parameter of the national tourist destination, Bali must be a leader for the entire attractions in Indonesia. Bali needs to support some small enterprises all across the Indonesia to market their products including typical meals and handicrafts made by the local people so that the whole worlds know that Indonesia is really rich and there are not only products of Bali that the visitors can get but they can also enjoy the other typical meals and handicrafts.

Moreover, Bali must have a large international hospital so that any visitors may visit Bali for not only spending their holiday but they also want to have a medical treatment. It shows that Bali really cares about the importance of health and fitness. Besides, Bali also needs to have self-development to become a centre of scientific research. 

It is undeniable that the visitors from China are getting increased recently. There were about 195,000 visitors from China in January 2017 and it is larger than the last year. It is also known that the visitors from China who visit in January are also larger than the Asia-Pacific countries visits. In 2016, the visitors from China were about 1,450,000 and it was also getting increased than the previous year. 

To realize the target, the government tries to promote Wonderful Indonesia to China. There were some exhibitions held in this year. Besides, the government of Badung also has promoted the Bali attractions to Mongolia and Tianjin in this month. The vice minister of China also stated that there will be 700 million people of China who are going to travel overseas in the next five years. It shows that China government supports their citizens to have travelling overseas including to Indonesia as the growth of China economy.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (Benhil, 16/04/2017) - Penyanyi papan atas asal Indonesia Afgansyah Reza, populer dengan sebutan Afgan akan melakukan konser eksklusif berupa konser mini bagi penggemarnya di Malaysia pada Kamis, 27 April 2017, di Hotel The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Afgan nanti akan konser yang diberi nama 'An Intimate Evening with Afgan and The Gandarianz' ", ujar Pengarah dari Loudcloud Entertainment & Event Management Sdn Bhd, Najwa Mohamed Mokhtar, di Kuala Lumpur, Minggu.

The Gandarianz merupakan grup musik pengiring yang merupakan kawan-kawan sang bintang Afgan.

Najwa mengatakan saat ini enam puluh persen penjualan tiket dari 700 kursi yang tersedia sudah laku terjual.

"Persembahan Afgan kali ini bersifat lebih santai dan dekat dengan penonton, sebab itu tempat duduk yang disediakan untuk 700 peminat awal saja," katanya.

Sebelum ini, ujar Najwa, Afgan sering mengadakan konser di Malaysia tetapi karena ruang konser yang besar sehingga penonton tidak bisa mendekati penyanyi pujaan mereka.

Najwa mengatakan selain dengan konsep yang mendekati penggemar, dirinya juga meminta Afgan untuk menyanyikan lagu istimewa.

"Konser 'An Intimate Evening with Afgan and The Gandarianz' juga akan menampilkan penyanyi lokal Hael Husaini," katanya lagi.

Sebelum konser di Hotel The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur pada Agustus lalu, dia melakukan konser di Ballroom PWTC Kuala Lumpur.

Sejumlah lagu yang populer di Malaysia akan dilantunkan Afgan yang memulai debut pada 2008 di Indonesia, diantaranya Bawalah Cintaku, Bukan Cinta Biasa, Terima Kasih Cinta, Jodoh Pasti Bertemu, Setia Menunggu dan lain-lain. (Ben/Ant)

An Intimate Evening with Afgan and The Gandarianz, Malaysia

Afgan Syah Reza
Foto, @hipwee

Balinese dancers

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bulgaria in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism holds a Familiarization Trip event. The entourage involving foreign journalists would visit the Office of the Regional Governor of Jogjakarta in Kepatihan. The Indonesian embassy for Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania, Sri Astari Rasjid said that all of the journalists will write some tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially Bali and Jogja.

Sri Astari said that all of the journalists will write about Borobudur and Prambanan while they are in Jogja and they will write all about the beauty of Bali while they are visiting Bali. Sri Astari also stated that the writing result of the journalists will be published through news media, social media, and also will be published in Romania and Bulgaria.

“Bali and Jogja are two best tourist destinations in Indonesia that are very popular and they both have interesting stories. Moreover, not all of the people know about Java and Bali. This effort is really effective to increase awareness and enrich the tourist destination in Indonesia while this is also based on the instruction of the President”, Said Sri Astari.

The current Indonesian President Joko Widodo is really obsessed with the tourism sector. He even talks so many times about Indonesian tourism. All of the ministers must support concerning to the development of Indonesia tourist destination. The president even says that Indonesia must have a commitment to make the tourist destination sector as the national core economy.

In the term of the corporation, Sri Astari continued that she will work with the government of Bali and Yogyakarta. There is may more processes that must be done. She said that in July, there is an Asian festival in the embassy of Bulgaria where there will be some traditional dances and so many artworks from Java. There will be also an Indonesian Festival at the end of the year. 

The governors of Yogyakarta and Bali are also ready to work with Bulgaria and they hope that both of the countries can work together in a further relationship. This Fam Trip brings some journalists that are known to be an ultimate weapon to attract people to visit Indonesia. In the early event, there was also a fam trip to invite the ASEAN journalists to write their stories. This event will be held in as many as five phases for the period of March up to June 2017 with five wonderful Indonesian destinations, including Bali.

This fam trip is held by inviting some journalists in some ASEAN countries in order to promote Indonesian tourist destinations. They will have a wonderful journey to some best destinations in Indonesia and then they will publish their writings in their countries so that the people can read their stories. In this case, it will hopefully give a big contribution to increasing the awareness so that the people are willing to visit Bali and spend their holidays in Indonesia. It will give a positive effect to Indonesia tourist sector and the journalists must make their stories go viral on their social media accounts instead of publishing their stories on news media.

Umat Hindu lakukan perayaan Galungan dan Kuningan di negeri Belanda.

Zeynita Gibbons London, (Benhil, 16/04/2017) - Perayaan Galungan dan Kuningan digelar di Belanda dalam festival "One day in Bali and Beyond Cultural Festival," menghadirkan suasana yang berbeda dalam perayaan keagamaan yang diadakan di KBRI Den Haag, Belanda, akhir pekan.

Perayaan hari raya Galungan dan Kuningan yang diadakan KBRI Den Haag bekerja sama dengan Banjar Suka Duka dari Belanda, Belgia, Jerman dan Inggris dihadiri oleh lebih dari 600 orang terdiri atas umat Hindu di berbagai negara di Eropa, Friends of Indonesia, perwakilan Kementerian Luar Negeri Belanda dan para duta besar negara sahabat, demikian Pensosbud KBRI (Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia) Den Haag, Ni Putu Widhia S. Asak kepada Antara London, Minggu, 16/04/2017.

Kegiatan festival budaya bertemakan One Day in Bali and Beyond itu diawali persembahyangan bersama dilakukan pada pagi hari, dengan prosesi penempatan Barong ke Padmasana diiringi dengan instrumen tektekan khas Bali, dan dilanjutkan dengan penampilan para penari rejang.

Duta Besar RI di Den Haag, I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja, memimpin trisandhya dan panca sembah. Selanjutnya Dharma Wacana perayaan Galungan dan Kuningan tahun 2017 dibawakan oleh Prabu Dharmayasa yang menekankan pentingnya para umat untuk senantiasa memegang teguh dharma, sesuai semangat Galungan.

Seusai persembahyangan, Dubes I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja, membuka acara festival budaya One Day in Bali and Beyond. Kegiatan festival budaya ini adalah yang pertama kalinya diselenggarakan sebagai rangkaian perayaan umat Hindu Bali Galungan dan Kuningan.

Festival budaya terdiri atas berbagai penampilan budaya tradisi, hasil kerja sama kelompok-kelompok seniman Bali asal Indonesia yang bermukim di wilayah Eropa dan seniman asing di Eropa.

Para seniman Bali berhasil menampilkan variasi tari topeng, lagu-lagu dan tarian tradisional Bali. Pada kesempatan tersebut, Duta besar Indoneseia I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja, turut mementaskan tiga tari topeng, yaitu tari topeng Keras, topeng Bondres bersama seniman Belgia, dan topeng Sidakarya.

Kegiatan yang dimeriahkan oleh sekitar 50 orang penari dan empat kelompok Sekaha Gong dengan total 60 pemain gamelan juga bertujuan untuk memperkenalkan serta mempromosikan keterampilan dan kemampuan mereka dalam membawakan gamelan dan tari-tarian Bali. Ini merupakan bentuk soft diplomacy KBRI Den Haag dalam menyebarluaskan budaya Indonesia, guna mendukung pencapaian target pariwisata nasional. (Ben/Ant) 

One Day in Bali and Beyond
Foto: Instagram, @roryrj

Solo, (Benhil, 15/04/2017) - Kepolisian Resor Kota Surakarta bersama anggota Brimob, Polda Jateng, dan TNI melakukan pengamanan di kawasan Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta, Sabtu, terkait dengan persiapan pelaksanaan upacara adat Tingalan Dalem Jumenengan PB XIII.

Aparat keamanan gabungan tersebut juga dilengkapi sejumlah kendaraan panser dan mobil Gegana yang diparkir di depan pintu masuk keraton sebelah selatan atau pintu Magangan.

Selain itu, sejumlah anggota polisi, baik dari Polres Kota Surakarta dan sekitarnya serta Polda Jateng terlihat berjaga-jaga di setiap sudut kawasan keraton.

Bahkan, ratusan personel keamanan, baik berseragam lengkap maupun sipil, juga masuk ke dalam keraton untuk melakukan penjagaan. Selain petugas aparat keamanan, tidak dizinkan masuk keraton.

Kepala Bidang Humas Polda Jawa Tengah Kombes Pol. R. Djarod P.H. Madyoputro mengatakan bahwa kepolisian melakukan pengamanan di Keraton Surakarta karena ada surat permohonan permintaan dari pihak keraton.

Menurut R. Djarod P.H. Madyoputro, surat permohonan itu terkait dengan rencana upacara adat Tingalan Dalem Jumenengan PB XIII atau prosesi naik takhta Raja Keraton Solo pada tanggal 22 April mendatang.

"Kami menurunkan pasukan gabungan sebanyak 500 personel, baik berpakaian seragam lengkap maupun sipil," katanya.

Menurut Djarod, mereka melakukan penjagaan di kawasan keraton hingga 24 jam secara bertahap, atau sesuai dengan kondisi keamanan yang berkembang.

Ia mengatakan bahwa pengamanan di sekitar keraton dan melakukan negosiasi terkait dengan acara pelaksanaan upacara adat jumenengan.

Kepala Polres Kota Surakarta AKBP Ribut Hari Wibowo mengatakan bahwa pihaknya hanya mendampingi Polda Jateng terkait dengan mediasi untuk mengambil solusi yang baik antara Dewan Adat Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta dan PB XIII.

"Saya hanya mengantar dari Polda Jateng sebagai mediasi untuk mengambil solusi yang baik bagi keraton," kata Kapolres. (Ben/Ant)

Keraton Surakarta

Denpasar, (Benhil/ 15/04/2017) - Wakil Gubernur Bali Ketut Sudikerta menghadiri kegiatan ritual berskala besar "Karya Melaspas" dan "Mendem Pedagingan" di Pura Puseh Hita Karana Seririt, Kabupaten Buleleng, Jumat malam.

Wagub Sudikerta di hadapan ribuan masyarakat setempat mengajak warga untuk menjaga kesucian dan kelestarian area Pura Puseh Hita Karana.

Hal itu sangat penting , mengingat Pura merupakan tempat suci bagi Umat Hindu untuk mendekatkan diri kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa, Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa, sehingga sudah seharusnya kesucian dan kelestarian bisa tetap terjaga.

"Saya mengajak Krama semua yang hadir di sini untuk ikut menjaga kesucian dan kelestarian Pura. Kita setiap hari akan melaksanakan persembahyangan, Pura merupakan tempat kita untuk mendekatkan diri kepada Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa, jadi Pura ini harus tetap terjaga kesucian dan kelestariannya," ujar Sudikerta.

Wagub Sudikerta yang didampingi Inspektur Provinsi Bali Ketut Teneng serta Kepala Dinas Pemberdayaan Masyarakat dan Desa (PMD) Ketut Lihadnyana juga mengapresiasi semangat warga yang begitu besar untuk ikut berpartisipasi dalam pembangunan Pura.

Orang nomor Dua di Pemprov Bali itu juga mengajak Umat untuk melaksanakan korban suci (Yadnya) sesuai dengan kemampuan dalam bidang ekonomi.

Hal itu menjadi penekanan mengingat belakangan ini banyak Umat yang menjalankan Yadnya secara berlebihan agar bisa terlihat mewah.

Untuk itu, Wagub Sudikerta mengimbau Umat agar mengukur kemampuan dalam menjalankan Yadnya.

"Saya mengapresiasi semangat warga dalam pembangunan Pura ini, dengan semangat memiliki maka semua yang kita lakukan pasti akan bisa berjalan mudah. Selain itu, dalam melaksanakan Yadnya, jangan berlebihan apalagi jor-joran. Ukur akan kemampuan kita, jangan sampai selesai melaksanakan Yadnya malah meningalkan utang di mana-mana," ujar Wagub Sudikerta.

Sementara itu, Jro Kelian Adat Seririt Ketut Sukarno melaporkan, perbaikan dan pembangunan Pura Puseh Desa dilaksanakan sejak Juni 2016 dengan dana swadaya masyarakat dan bantuan khusus kabupaten (BKK). (Ben/Ant)

Pura Puseh Hita Karana Seririt

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