Bali Arts Festival 2017

President Joko Widodo at Bali Arts Festival

Bali is not only the home for natural beauty, but the island is also the home for culture and art. The local people embody the culture and tradition into their everyday life. No wonder if plenty religion ritual, tradition, and also festivals are held annually. This is because the Balinese people never once neglect their religion and cultural heritage. One of the most hype annual festivals in Bali is the Bali Arts Festival or Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB).

As the name suggest, Bali Arts Festival is an annual celebration of arts which features Balinese fine arts. Thousands of people from all over Bali, other parts of Indonesia, and even overseas are gathered to join in the festival. The festival will be held in a full month and of course half-partying in Balinese style. There will be shows of traditional bamboo arts and figures as well as colorful costumes parades and performances. Bali Arts Festival is all about art and culture.  

About Bali Arts festival

The Bali Arts Festival usually starts on second Saturday in June and continues to around mid-July. The festival is the perfect moment to witness the Bali’s culture richness of performing arts as well as other cultures from parts of Indonesia. As the main highlights of Balinese annual events, most arts performance and daily exhibitions will take place at Taman Werdhi Budaya Art Center. 

On regular day tour, the Denpasar Art Center is the place to admire the fabulous Balinese structural architecture and sculpture which is a great place for photo shoots. When the arts festival time comes the art center transforms into a lively art spots with colorful traditional coconut leaf and bamboo decorations and banner. 

The idea of Bali Arts Festival is to conceptualize the people idea to promote cultural tourism. The Balinese people believe that Bali should be for tourism and spread the good words about Balinese culture. Then some tourism and culture organizations further bring the idea of Bali Arts Festival into real and become one of the most famous annual events on the island. 

The annual celebration of art and culture

Bali Arts Festival will be started with an opening parade in Bajra Sandhi Monument, Denpasar. The parades are one of the important events in the festivals as lots of performers perform their dance and music along the street while wearing fancy costumes or colorful Balinese traditional clothing. On the evening after the parade, there will be an official ceremony. During the festival month, there will be various contemporary and traditional performances of shadow puppetry, dances, youth competitions, music compositions, craft exhibitions, flower arrangements, food stalls, and more. 

38th Bali Arts Festival 2017

This year the 38th Bali Arts Festivals will be held on June 10 to July 8. The theme for this year festival will be Taksu which means inner power. The theme is brought to put traditional arts in the first before the modern arts. The festival main aim is to promote the existence and identity of Balinese culture and spirit. Thus, there should be more about the traditional culture and art in the festival.
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