Clean Energy Center of Excellence in Bali

Clean Energy in Bali

Did you know that Indonesia has launched Center of Excellence for Clean Energy? In addition, it is Bali that has been selected to be the host for this facility. This actually has happened last year in 2016 when there was Clean Energy Forum conducted from February 11 to 12 in Bali. There were more than 1000 representatives from over 30 countries came to this forum with a theme called “Bridging the Gap: Promoting Global Partnership. In this forum, they mainly talked about the use of clean energy in the city.

Before we discuss more about it, let’s learn a bit about the facility center itself. Center of Excellence for Clean Energy was established in 2005. At first, it was began in the Pacific Northwest of USA such as Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. Now this facility finally came to Indonesia to do the same program. Through this facility, Indonesia expects that they will be able to increase the supply of clean energy. Moreover, they also want to make it reliable and affordable so more people can utilize it maximally. As a result, the level amount of pollution in the country will get lower as much as possible. In order to do that, they have planned several things to do such as build a clean energy technology, strengthen their human resources, create innovative finance, and many others.

Although Bali has been chosen as Clean Energy Center of Excellence in 2016, the program is not realized yet. The governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, has stated that this government program planned by President Joko Widodo will be done in 2019. Actually, the central government has been planning on establishing solar power plant long time ago. But, it had to be cancelled due to minister replacement issue. Now the plan is ongoing again. The general manager of the State Electricity Company even mentioned that this plan has achieved approval from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignasius Jonan.

The reason why Bali is chosen as the host is because they have been contributing in saving energy. One of the examples is when they celebrate Nyepi (Day of Silence). During the day, no one was going out and using electricity, including lamp, for 24 hours long. As a result, there is no pollution at all produced at that day. Not to mention, this paradise island still has a lot of green areas.

Besides the talk about the program in the last year meeting, they also discussed about recyling garbage and turning it into electrical energy. At the end, all parties agree that these two plans must be realized as soon as possible.

If they can finish everything soon, there is no doubt that Bali will be 100% clean as well as green. And that will affect the whole country sooner or later. Now we can only wait for the result. Hopefully, once it is done, Indonesia will be free from pollution.
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