China Wants to Increase the Development of Bali

Chinese tourist in Tanah Lot

Bali is one of the most popular islands in Indonesia which has wonderful scenery and has a lot of traditional dances that are really worth to visit. Most of the foreign tourists know Bali and they always make Bali as their first destination when visiting Indonesia. Some of the visitors are coming from China who really love Bali so much and wish to spend their holidays in Bali. Bali is really potential to become the best future tourist destination. But, some of the visitors from China have their own ideas about developing Bali well.

Some of the China travellers who visit Bali want to increase the development of Bali as a tourist destination so that it does not only focus on the nature view and the culture. Some of those visitors from Chine have pointed out their suggestions to develop Bali to become a better tourist destination. If Bali still wants to get more visitors from overseas, including China, so the government needs to think smartly and innovatively. 

As the parameter of the national tourist destination, Bali must be a leader for the entire attractions in Indonesia. Bali needs to support some small enterprises all across the Indonesia to market their products including typical meals and handicrafts made by the local people so that the whole worlds know that Indonesia is really rich and there are not only products of Bali that the visitors can get but they can also enjoy the other typical meals and handicrafts.

Moreover, Bali must have a large international hospital so that any visitors may visit Bali for not only spending their holiday but they also want to have a medical treatment. It shows that Bali really cares about the importance of health and fitness. Besides, Bali also needs to have self-development to become a centre of scientific research. 

It is undeniable that the visitors from China are getting increased recently. There were about 195,000 visitors from China in January 2017 and it is larger than the last year. It is also known that the visitors from China who visit in January are also larger than the Asia-Pacific countries visits. In 2016, the visitors from China were about 1,450,000 and it was also getting increased than the previous year. 

To realize the target, the government tries to promote Wonderful Indonesia to China. There were some exhibitions held in this year. Besides, the government of Badung also has promoted the Bali attractions to Mongolia and Tianjin in this month. The vice minister of China also stated that there will be 700 million people of China who are going to travel overseas in the next five years. It shows that China government supports their citizens to have travelling overseas including to Indonesia as the growth of China economy.
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