Bali is Best Destination in the World

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Initially, London was victorious in the top position. London was the dream of the traveler throughout the world. However, now the city of Queen Elizabeth must recognize the efficacy of the Bali Island. It is "London has fallen". This sentence started the America Online news on the last edition of 5 April 2017. The article entitled The Number One Travel Destination in the World in 2017 Trip Advisor version. As we know that London has Fallen derived from the title of a Hollywood movie starring Gerard Butler. 

TripAdvisor has announced Bali to become The World's Best Destination through the choice travelers since March 21, 2017. The Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya stated that the award is very credible, as selected by the top online platform in the world for the travelers. Relating to the article about world best tourist destination, Bali has defeated London according to the people choice. Initially, London was in top position and London was the dream of the traveler throughout the world. But, now Bali holds the trophy.

Bali was chosen as the top destinations based on reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants, and attractions that were collected along 12 months by TripAdvisor. Then, the article also explained why Bali deserved the good rating and beating London. Meanwhile, other island destinations such as Phuket in Thailand and Crete in Greece are just becoming new entries. However, Bali has become a special place in the mind of the traveler and it is easy to know why they love Bali so much.  

Bali sea with beautiful beaches is providing the best places to surf. Surfers can stare at Uluwatu that is standing on the cliff while waiting for the perfect sunset. That is all? Certainly, it is not only about surfing. Bali has many interesting attractions. In Bali., the travelers can also enjoy the legacy of World War II. There is a carcass of the USS Liberty in the territorial waters of Tulamben, Karangasem, on the eastern side of Bali. 

Today, the wreck was to be one of the favorite locations for divers. In addition, the US warship that was torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942 has also been becoming home to turtles and octopus that would be an interesting spectacle for divers. For nightlife world until just before sunrise, tourists in Bali may visit Kuta while for those who want a quiet atmosphere, green and cool, and then Ubud must be the best choice. There is a green rice field and affordable spa services in Ubud that all of the travelers can try. 

Still in Ubud, tourists can go to Monkey Forest. This location has a charming temple as there are also a lot of monkeys that are really worth to visit and see. Bali also has a peak Mount Batur which can be reached by three hours of hiking. "With this remarkable variation, it's no wonder that Bali appears at the top of the list," the article explained. 
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