Bulgarian Journalists Explore Bali and Jogja

Balinese dancers

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bulgaria in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism holds a Familiarization Trip event. The entourage involving foreign journalists would visit the Office of the Regional Governor of Jogjakarta in Kepatihan. The Indonesian embassy for Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania, Sri Astari Rasjid said that all of the journalists will write some tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially Bali and Jogja.

Sri Astari said that all of the journalists will write about Borobudur and Prambanan while they are in Jogja and they will write all about the beauty of Bali while they are visiting Bali. Sri Astari also stated that the writing result of the journalists will be published through news media, social media, and also will be published in Romania and Bulgaria.

“Bali and Jogja are two best tourist destinations in Indonesia that are very popular and they both have interesting stories. Moreover, not all of the people know about Java and Bali. This effort is really effective to increase awareness and enrich the tourist destination in Indonesia while this is also based on the instruction of the President”, Said Sri Astari.

The current Indonesian President Joko Widodo is really obsessed with the tourism sector. He even talks so many times about Indonesian tourism. All of the ministers must support concerning to the development of Indonesia tourist destination. The president even says that Indonesia must have a commitment to make the tourist destination sector as the national core economy.

In the term of the corporation, Sri Astari continued that she will work with the government of Bali and Yogyakarta. There is may more processes that must be done. She said that in July, there is an Asian festival in the embassy of Bulgaria where there will be some traditional dances and so many artworks from Java. There will be also an Indonesian Festival at the end of the year. 

The governors of Yogyakarta and Bali are also ready to work with Bulgaria and they hope that both of the countries can work together in a further relationship. This Fam Trip brings some journalists that are known to be an ultimate weapon to attract people to visit Indonesia. In the early event, there was also a fam trip to invite the ASEAN journalists to write their stories. This event will be held in as many as five phases for the period of March up to June 2017 with five wonderful Indonesian destinations, including Bali.

This fam trip is held by inviting some journalists in some ASEAN countries in order to promote Indonesian tourist destinations. They will have a wonderful journey to some best destinations in Indonesia and then they will publish their writings in their countries so that the people can read their stories. In this case, it will hopefully give a big contribution to increasing the awareness so that the people are willing to visit Bali and spend their holidays in Indonesia. It will give a positive effect to Indonesia tourist sector and the journalists must make their stories go viral on their social media accounts instead of publishing their stories on news media.
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