Bali Kite Festival: That Summer, the Wind Blows

Bali Kite Festival

When the sun shines at its brightest and the wind blows, it is the time to host Bali Kite Festivals. Bali does not only serve the best beach to surf or sunbathe, but it gives the festivals of everyone’s favorite. Balinese people are crazy about kites. When they say kites; they really take kite playing to another level. Forget the tiny polygon kite which fills the childhood memories, in Bali, kites are serious business and it is way more than just a child’s hobby. 

Balinese kites are literary giant and colorful. It is more like a flying machine which requires small groups to get it fly. Over the years, Balinese kites have evolved into a giant size which may reach up to 10 meters long and 4-meter width. Other kite types even have jaw dropping ribbon tails for up to 100 meters long and more. That is why the small army is required to pilot the traditional kites. 

This festival is a major annual event in Bali after the Bali Arts Festival which presents the unique Balinese culture. The schedule for this event may vary according to the weather and usually takes place on the Padanggalak eastern coast. 

Balinese Kite
The Bali Kite Festival was firstly a festival of seasonal agrarian to thank the heaven for abundance harvest and crops. The joy of harvest was then extended to groups of youth in Banjar flying their kites. Their participation was granted as the winner and get money as a prize from sponsors. That is the festival which now known as Bali Kite Festival. 

The kite competition involves some categories such as traditional kites and new creation kites. It features figures in three-dimensional and also unusual designs ranging from Hindu gods, motorbikes, cars, mascots, and more. While the contestants flying the kites, gamelan orchestra is played along to add the spirit and drama of kites take-off and landing. Some of the Balinese kite versions are:

  • Janggan type – Janggan kite is the one resemble the birds with impressive long and flowing ribbon tail which mostly reach 100 meters and more in length. The kite is made from bamboo craft framework and it takes weeks of crafting by the skilled youths under the supervision of elders. The janggan kite requires lightweight fabrics with selected colors to fit the intricate heads and long tails. Due to the giant size, it requires a truck to escort the kites to the flying grounds. 
  • Bebean type – the bebean kite is the most common type of giant kite in Bali. This kite resembles the outline of a fish. This kind of giant kite is mostly dominated the Bali skies when the time of the festival.

Bali Kite Festival 2017
The 34th Bali Kite Festival will be held on 13-15 July. The event literary brings kite playing into another level as it attracts more than 1,200 kites to compete and over 10,000 spectators. When the weather is good and the wind blows, it is the right time to fly out a kite on Bali Kite Festival. 
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