Get Creative in Bali Creative Week 2017

Bali Creative Week 2017

Creative week events are often held in big cities in Indonesia including Bali as well. Bali is not only famous for the beautiful beaches and nature, the island is also the home for culture, arts, and creative events. There is culture and art festivals are held annually such as the Bali Creative Week. The island is once again being the host for the creative week which is a big event to provide a place for young and creative people. 

Bali Creative Week is an event to accommodate youngster creativity not only from Bali but also all over Indonesia. This event is specifically created for those who run in creative business. Hundreds of young designer from various brands with plenty creative and authentic products will gather for the event. Young designers and local brands creative works will be displayed in the event. The creative works include fashion, art, lifestyle, craft, hobbies, and more. There will also art and talent performances from the various creative community including the indie band. The free creative workshop will also be held to jazz up the event. 

As the first creative event on the island, Bali Creative Week is expected to continuously be held every year. The creative week serves as a way to support the creative industry in Indonesia. It also gives the space for young designers, performers, and entrepreneurs to be more productive. The event also serves as additional attractions for tourism for both domestic and international tourist.

About the event
As a creative event for youngsters, Bali Creative Week provides space for young creative people to freely express their creativity. The event is not limited to Balinese people only. In fact, it invites all creative communities from all over Indonesia, particularly Bali, to show their talent and creativity in this cool event. Bali Creative Week is dedicated for all creative generation all over the country. 
Bali Creative Week will be held for four days is expected to attract fifteen thousands of visitors. This free event is also expected to process more than 1 billion transactions. Creative and authentic designers, community, and local brands from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali will join the national event. All events including creative exhibitions, indie bands, talent performers, and creative workshops are open for free. 

Bali Creative Week 2017
The third Bali Creative Week 2017 will be held for four days from April 27 to 30, 2017. The event precisely took place at long weekend according to Indonesian calendar. Level 21 Mall Denpasar will be the host of the honorable creative event. Followed by thousands of creative youngster, Bali Creative Week 2017 brings the concept of “Local’s Creative Event” which is aimed to help talented and creative youngsters to showcase their creative work to the world. This year’s theme of Bali Creative Week is the Eclectic Mode which means inspiration from Indonesia’s nature richness. This theme will be the forecasting trending fashion trend in 2017. The creative event is expected to bring a contribution for tourism and creative market itself. Make sure to mark the calendar for Bali Creative Week 2017.
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