Bali: The Best Tourism Destination in 2017

Tanah Lot Temple at sunset

There is no doubt that Bali has become one of the most favorite destinations for all tourists. Every single year, tourists from all over the world always come here to spend their vacation. Once you come to this beautiful island, you will not want to leave it. In this city, there is a number of attractions which can entertain us all the time. Either it is the nature, cultural shows, or public facilities. These all features have given some good reputations to the city. 

Speaking of reputation, recently Bali just got another great news. If you check out the website of TripAdvisor, Bali has been selected as the best tourism destination in the world for this year. As usual, this website of travel hold an annual event known as Traveler’s Choice Awards. It is an award of which all tourists who give their vote to choose the winner. This year in category of Best Destination, Bali got voted the most which turns this city as the winner. 

All Indonesian people are surely so proud of hearing this amazing news now. Besides this winning announcement, there is another factor which can make the people more proud. That is the fact that Bali can defeat other strong competitors. In this case, this city has beat other famous tourism destinations such as Paris, Roma, New York, and many more. Besides TripAdvisor, there is another website which wrote an article about how Bali can remove London from the first position of traveling destination. In fact, the article is started with “London has fallen...”. This statement comes from the program manager of American Online (AoL), Morgan Giordano. He said that this island has become a special place for travelers. This is the perfect place for surfers to stand at the end of the cliff of Uluwatu Temple and enjoy such beautiful sunset. 

Truth to be told, it is not surprising to see Bali can seize the crown from other cities. This is the place where you can get a complete satisfying vacation. It can accommodate every traveler to get some unforgettable adventure anf spoil themselves for good. According to the Tourism Minister of Indonesia, Arief Yahya, the 3A of Bali is totally complete. Those are Attraction, Access, Amenity. 

There is no need to question how Bali has tons of entertaining attractions. It has beautiful beaches such as Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, etc. This city is also well-known for its temples like Besakih and Ulun Danu Bratan. Some of the attractions are easy to access. We can choose whether we want to go from one place to another with motorcycles, cars, or even walking. Furthermore, it also has some lovely facilities to enjoy. In our opinion, one of the best facilities is definitely their special Balinese spa. This is everyone will need after going here and there for such a long time, relaxing our body and relieving our fatigue. 

As you can see, Bali has everything we need for our holiday. Besides vacation, it is also a great place for romantic moments like proposal, wedding, honeymoon, and anniversary. All in all, we completely agree with Bali as the world’s best tourism destination in 2017.
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