Balinese Food at Ubud Food Festival 2017

Ubud Food Festival 2017

Food festivals can be found in most countries as it is a great way to promote the local cuisines to the world. The Ubud Food Festival in Bali is also aimed to bring the Indonesian and Balinese cuisine, particularly to the outer world. The festival is also a way to celebrate the local produce and cuisine as well as a moment for prominent chefs gathers in the island.

The three days festival offers the opportunity to discover the variety and wealth of Indonesian cuisine. There will be also events such as organic markets and food bazaar which allows tasting the freshest farm items. The festival also invites famous chefs and culinary experts to take part in Ubud Food Festival including celebrity chef Farah Quinn, chef Rinrin Marinka, Pak Bondan Winarno, and more.

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This year festival will bring the theme of ‘Every flavor is a story’. The theme is aimed to celebrate the culinary heritage in Indonesia in which every recipe, ingredients, and culinary tradition have the story of the nation’s geography, history, and also diverse culture. It serves as a reflection of every journey of food production to bring it to the plate. Every flavor has the relationship of the local farmers to building the awareness of broader awareness of the industry and ecological trend which shapes the world and particularly Indonesia’s culinary.

During the three days of the festival, the member of culinary industry and food lovers will experience the influence of flavor from every food to deepen the understanding what the food tells us and also the stories to tell through food.

There will be events such as live music from local bands, film screenings and also workshops. Food photography, writers, and Instagrammers workshop will be hosted by the industry’s best during the festival. The new addition program is the kitchen stage which is a cooking demonstration series that open for free. The demonstration will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia by the country’s national chefs and international chefs as well to not only share the recipe but also the story behind it.

Ubud Food Festival will also host fringe events for a month before and after the festival. The fringe events will be held in Sanur and Seminyak dining hotspots with a long table for lunch which focusing on Balinese local taste. It will feature the collaborations of four chefs at Bikini.

Ubud Food Festival 2017

The third Ubud Food Festivals will be held on 12-14 May 2017 featuring more than 100 culinary icons, chefs, environmental advocates, restaurants, and also social inventors to descend on the island. The ticket varies throughout the festival according to the events. Workshops and special events ticket start from IDR 250,000 while opening night party starts from IDR 500,000. Tickets are available in Taman Kuliner, Ubud as the ticket box. The ticket box will also be used as the opening hub where the hosted talks and free events are held. Public visitors also have the chance to enjoy drinks, food, live music, and also fresh market bazaars.
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