Yuspina Henawi Suggests Company and the Government to Empowering Women in Advancing Their Family’s Economic Welfare.

Papuapos Nabire, Monday, 15 July 2019

Nabire – One of the women figure leaders who is also an activist in one of the community social organizations, Mrs. Yuspina Henawi was interviewed Saturday (13/7) told, during her working moments at the Palm Oil Plantation owned by PT. Nabire Baru had given her much knowledge and informations on the Oil Palm Plantation progress which also resulted wages as her income which made her happy and proud.

She added, as a woman she was interested to join and working in the company to fulfill her economic demands, before the company operates in the location, her daily livelihood activity was only fishing in the sea, but when the company came everything has changed, as women she felt equal with the men, she is convinced that she was able to work and compete like other men, such as planting oil palm and maintaining them until they harvest and the result now can be enjoyed by the community through the Oil Palm Plasma plantation partnership cooperation.

As a woman , she is hoping that PT. Nabire Baru and the Local Government can closely collaborate on creating programs to empower womens who lived in the remote coasts and islands in promoting handicraft programs and other creations that can be produced and sold by the community in order to improve their economy and able to educate the women on how to manage their family financial then it will sustain housewives and women in general to continue taking their part to work equally as the men to improve their region’s development.

She also hopes that the women who lived in the remote coasts and islands, especially in Sima Village have the ability place themeselves and willing to work and to receive their result as an income to improve their family economy.

Meanwhile, the company, in this case PT. Nabire Baru responded Mrs. Yuspina Henawi’s ideas very positively. PT. Nabire Baru is committed to give more potential supports and attention to the future of the womenfolk and their role to advance their family’s economy as well as their communities. 

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