Happy Salma is now a Balinese woman

Happy Salma is one of the Indonesia actresses who is now living in Bali. She actually moved to Bali since a few years ago, precisely after she got married with Tjokorda Bagus Dwi Santana Max Kerthyasa. Her husband is the decadence of Ubud King and they got married in 2010 and then he took Happy Salma to move to Bali. Now, this family has one daughter, Tjokorda Sri Kinandari Kerthyasa, who was born on April 2015.

Happy Salma says that living in Bali for more than 6 years is not easy because she has to adapt to the environment, especially in the environment of her husband as the decadence of Ubud kingdom in Bali. However, her husband family accepts her until her life in Bali is going very well. She says that the key is to build a harmonious relationship with her parents in law. Whatever it is, she must have time for her family to appreciate each invitation.

Besides, she also needs to adapt to Bali culture that is based on a strong mutual aid system. Firstly, she was once depressed but she says that she can adapt fast because there is a similarity between Bali culture and Sunda culture as she was born in West Java. The Sundanese has some similarities to Balinese. Both of Balinese and Sundanese love smiling and have strong mutual aid. In Jakarta, most of the people live independently and less contact with people, but the Balinese and Sundanese like helping each other and working together. It reminds her when she was living in Sukabumi where she could get close with her neighbors while it also happens when she is now living in Bali.

Happy Salma has her own way to adapt to other environments in Indonesia. She also even says that she really loves Bali foods because the Bali foods are also almost similar to Sunda foods. Bali and Sunda love salty foods and this is one of the reasons why she really loves Bali typical meals. She also learns how to cook Bali foods and she can cook some typical meals of Bali such as Sambal Matah and Ayam Sisir.

Even though Bali is now really close to her, she also still goes back and forth to Jakarta for business purposes. Well, she is an actress anyway and a theater player, and she really loves being an artist. She says that an artist is like a gate. When art is down, then everything will be also down. The castle of Indonesia is arts and cultures. For instance, most of the people in Bali are really close to arts. In each corner of Ubud, there are a lot of artworks that you can see. Her husband always supports her career as an actress and she also supports everything that her husband does.
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