Online Reputation Restoration and Development

Online Reputation Restoration
Online Reputation Management Services by GALASEO, Jakarta

It is the topic of concern to elaborate with online reputation restoration and development. A company may have pieced together its brand awareness and reputation through corporate marketing communication throughout the years. This effort may have served well until recently it is hit by revelation with search results by name or brand.

How to Restore Damaged Corporate Reputation?

The rise and popularity of digital platform has made the convenient of producing content is not only the domain of organizations or institutions anymore. Anybody with sufficient knowledge about writing and access to internet would have made it possible to run a story.

On the average, many companies may not have idea to perform online reputation development let alone the reputation restoration itself. Yet it becomes strategic and significant to monitor and have some contingency plan whenever it surfaces on searches on search engine.

Online reputation restoration and development can be two sides of a coin. The efforts can be organized holistically. The main mission is to restore the corporate good image back to its glory while at the same time, it is also the momentum to reflect internally and to develop the strategy and see what can be brought up for public online communication.

If a company does not have an internal team to work on the strategy, then it is viable to engage with external resources such online reputation expert or services agency, to implement the process right away. The reason is that the process itself may take some time to show results. This is talking about essentially pushing down contents that adversely have negative impact in the search pages.

It is very important to analyze what have been publicized on the first page of search result. What to assess from search result?

The Content of The Topic

A company needs to assess whether it was old content from the past and there is no need to address it anymore. If it relates to its core competence or business, then this is the time to fix public perception on its performance and improvement. There can be more opportunities to explore from this aspect as it is properly executed, it will shed new image for the company.

Where is The Content Published?

It is important to check on the platform where the content is published. The same topic may be scattered along on social media, blog writings, news media, and online forum, so on. Each will dictate how difficult it is to counter balance with the approaches. Part of it is dealing with authority of the domain and page.

The journey to restore and develop online reputation for corporate world can be put in a nutshell as series of steps to take control of branded searches, activate corporate communication and build generic or branded channels. Control of the online channels will come in handy.

It would have been considered good performance when it can dominate 50% - 80% of the share of views (SOV) on the first page. But it is possible to go up to 100% when there is enough room to take actions and time to deliver.

It is a fluid and dynamic process; it takes smart work to tackle the obstacles and may also involve change in strategy over the period.

There is no better time than now to circulate online good news about your company. Delight the online searchers with content opportunities, whether evergreen or in-depth contents, as it will be remembered.

To restore damaged online reputation is company specific case and different level of trajectory; it is definitely the right way to discuss in details in the whole. Please feel convenient to reach out to GALASEO representatives at WhatsApp this numbers, or this one and email: ask[a] Indonesia online reputation restoration and development services by Search Engine Optimization and Jakarta Cyber PR agency.

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