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Anti Bullying Campaign Services in Jakarta Indonesia by GALASEO

To prevent and raise awareness of bullying in the society, there have been a lot of campaigns by different members of society around the world. Actually, there are some categories as described in Wikipedia. The affirmative actions from governments and anti-bullying organizations are expected to keep them from happening in the society as its psychological effects are profound on the livelihood of the victims for years. There is need to educate the society on how to detect and prevent the bullying from taking place

To activate anti-bullying campaigns, online platform may be considered effective channels to bring various activities into integrated and informed media management

Online media coverage will surely provide the attention needed from all the parties in the society. The digital data from Nielsen shows that millennial aged 18-34 are top smartphone users in US while Gen-X follows closely and this phenomenon is believed to ring the same in other parts of the world. These people are children, young parents and educated professional and productive work force, who are savvy at absorbing the right information from the right and trusted online sources.
Conducting anti-bullying campaigns can start with website and social media like Facebook, Facebook Messenger and YouTube. It begin by understanding where they go when they are active online. It can also be segmented by their usage of smartphone operating systems (OS), brands and locations

Delivering the message will involve the formulation of contents that are in line with cyber PR (Public Relations) and how the messages are consumed on different platform whether it is storytelling, video message or photos. It helps with cultural and social values are taken into account

Digital agency in Jakarta, GALASEO, expertise in digital marketing and tools can be optimized to take it practically in making the campaigns reach the intended audiences and conduct the anti-bullying campaigns with online media, broadcast media and print media.

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