Gift Vaganza 399 Million From Easy Shopping Indonesia and Delivery of Donation to Loka Bina Karya Pondok Bambu as Token of CSR Program.

Jakarta, March 8, 2018 - Had been awarded Easy Shopping gift for period of 15th December 2017 - 14 February 2018. The event took place at Hotel Menara Peninsula on Jl. Letjen S. Parman - Slipi, West Jakarta, and attended by the Chairman of Customer Prize Committee Mr. Junaedi, Easy Shopping Brand Ambassador, Cinthamy Atmanagara, Ronny Sianturi and Barry Prima and other invitees from media partners and loyal customers of Easy Shopping.

Lucky customers awarded the Grand Prize is Mr. Ansel Darma (prize of 399 million Rupiah), originating from West Nusa Tenggara. Also present was Ibu Sri Kusmiati from Kalibata, South Jakarta, who received the First Prize Award of 100 million Rupiah and Ibu Rusmini Luwi, from Singkawang, West Kalimantan, who successfully got the Second Prize Award of 30 million Rupiah.When interviewed, one of the winners, Mr Ansel Darma said that the money award will be used to continue the study of nursing school, and donated to the orphanage.

This Easy Shopping award event was slightly different than the previous event. As an expression of Easy Shopping's concern for humanity and the environment, by this award-presentation occasion, Easy Shopping also invited representatives from Loka Bina Karya, Sasana Bina Daksa Pondok Bambu Foundation, a wheelchair community located at Jalan Bambu Kuning, No.22 A, Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta, to be donated with 25 million rupiah, as a token from Easy Shopping through the CSR program.

During a special interview, representatives from Sasana Bina Daksa Pondok Bambu Foundation, Mr. Erwin Gandawijaya explained that they are very grateful to Easy Shopping for choosing the wheelchair community sheltered by them. Of course, the 25 million rupiah fund provided by Easy Shopping’s CSR program will be used to empower the skills of community members so that they can have the capital of skills to continue working to support their daily needs in the future. Mr Lily Ali, as Chief Operating Officer of Sasana Bina Daksa Foundation, was very excited about Easy Shopping's concern for the foundation. Surely this concern will be a motivation for him to continue to encourage the members of the community to work.

Sasana Bina Daksa Foundation Pondok Bambu is a social service and rehabilitation center for people with disabilities of disabled men and women from paraplegia.

Paraplegic deformities are disabilities caused by accidents and result in damage to the nervous system so that both  lower limb members become smoothed and cannot be moved.To be able to perform their activities or daily activities independently they use mobility aid such as wheelchairs.

At this place many activities are done, among others; Sports (tennis, chess, gymnastics), electro and welding services, sewing and kristic, greeting cards, papertole, computer, teaching, private tutoring for English and math, and ornamental plants.

By supporting with this CSR activity, hopefully it will be able to help boost spirit and motivation to continue work in the future.

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