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Colocation Data Center
Colocation Data Center Indonesia

Colocation data center is another extension of definition given to data center as general consensus on how a data center will host on rental basis the physical space for racks and office, network or bandwith and other resources within existing data center and deploy its own data center. PT Graha Teknologi Nusantara is leading provider for colocation data center in Cikarang, close to Jakarta.

PT Graha Teknologi Nusantara is Indonesian company which operates large data center in Cikarang, a thriving industrial area, the biggest in Southeast Asia, with large suburban communities. It is just 40 kilometers away to the east from Jakarta. It aims to serve local, regional and global customers. Being collocated means it facilitates the existing data center resources to be allocated also for deploying and hosting data center services for external and/or retail customers and institutions. It is also being colloquially referred as carrier hotel or colos.

Today’s digital business environment demands high consumption of data and the need to keep the data at secure and stable data center. In anticipation of this growing trend, Graha Teknologi Nusantara embraces strategic response by launching the colocation data center as service to sustain operations, cost effective and secure.

As Indonesia data center company that adopts to world class standards, PT GTN sets up the establishment as carrier neutral data center which provides the customers with options to choose from if they wish to engage with network or bandwidth provider. Currently, it has cooperation from telecommunication companies such as Telkom Indonesia, Linknet, Lintasarta, CBN, Primacom, Epsilon, Powertel and iForte.

The provision of colocation data center service by GTN will accommodate scalable operations any company or organization intends to bring in by using spacious floor space available for rent. Essentially, the space, power supply, cooling machine and physical security will be provided by host of the data center, meanwhile the organization or company will bring in its own servers, storage and/or applications.

Certainly this business model of IT infrastructure will bring efficiency to the customers without the need to buy or manage own data center.

Other strategic importance is that when an organization or company have large customer base in Indonesia, it will help to speed up the data communication process when the data center is collocated in Indonesia. Other thing to consider is that privacy policy regulate will mandate certain personal information is required to be stored in servers located within country’s territory.

The prospect of hyper scaling computing is one of the inspirational drive for PT Graha Teknologi Nusantara to operate such industrial-scale data center in Cikarang, close to business center around Jakarta metropolitan that will meet demand for running large distributed sites from global companies, potentially technology companies and established startups.

This colocation data center provider, PT Graha Teknologi Nusantara is subsidiary company of PT Multipolar Technology Tbk. and part of Lippo Group and Mitsui & Co. Ltd. It is expected that Indonesia will be one of the global data hub in the world and busy traffic exchange in the region.

Cross segment of customers operating from GTN Data Center includes banking, retail, manufacture, and public listed companies. Information on colocation data center service can be directed to this link or please call customer service, (+62-21) 546-0011, 557-77000

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