Numerous seminars have already been held on the Indonesian Tax Amnesty.

Ours will be different, for the following reasons:

We are looking at things from the angle of tax resident foreigners living in Indonesia and the affect and opportunities of the Tax Amnesty for these expats, or Indonesians that are subject to US tax filing. We will look at the US tax amnesty and draw lessons and comparisons as it relates to this latest Indonesian amnesty.

We will also place the accent on what we believe is the missing architecture in Indonesia to provide taxpayers with certainty, what we would call a “Bill of Rights” for taxpayers. While individuals don’t mind filing their tax returns, they do need to be assured that there’s a clear mechanism set in place that allows them to argue and defend their position. The whole process should be even handed with no threats or bullying, plus no retrospective action should be taken. Taxpayers too need to be protected for it all to work going forward.

We would remind you that this an important new regulation and we are expecting a lively discussion, so to put your mind at rest we hope that we will see you on August 26.


Breakfast Seminar

Amnesty vs Amnesty
Indonesian & USA Tax Amnesties
August 26, 2016, 09:00 - 11.00 AM
Financial Club Jakarta, Graha CIMB Niaga 27th floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman,
Registration: or 021-720 2605 (ext. 400, 109, 203)
Moores Rowland

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