Cut The Crab

Experiencing Eating Seafood in A Fine Restaurant That Does Not Have Utensils

Every restaurant supposed to have utensils to help the consumers to enjoy their meal. How if one does not have any? How can the consumers enjoy their meal? Cut The Crab, a seafood restaurant in Indonesia that best known of the uniqueness. They offer different experience to enjoy seafood. They give what you never had in other restaurants but does not give you what you supposed to have in every restaurant. You will be given a hammer and an apron but you will not be given plate, forks, spoon and knifes.

You might be wondering what is the use of the apron and the hammer. Yes, something fun is about to come. Hammer given to you to transfer your energy to smash the crabs by a hammer in a huge table covered in food grade brown paper which will be replacing the used of plate. While apron given to avoid the splashing sauce when you are smashing the crab, not using plate as the base of your food is a great opportunity to have a quality time to get closer with your family, friends or even lover by sharing food. Of course, your table manner would not be used in here because you will have a lot of fun.

When you are able to eat bare hand, you have a chance to taste every sauce left. Of course, this require you to lick every sauce left in your finger. They have two kinds of sauces: original and sweet. Original is for you who does not like spicy food while the sweet one is for everyone who likes to drop bullets of sweat because of the spicy level that you can choose. Do not worry about your table manner, having fun is everything.

Designed with a lot of color combination emphasize the fun that you will experience. To decorate the wall, they put the logo everywhere with a colorful combination. Balloons are everywhere that suit for children and fits for everyone who is coming with group.  They serve kinds of seafood menu, from shrimp, scallops, lobster, crab, calamari that bought directly from Indonesia fishermen with a great quality.

Come and experience yourself eating seafood in a fun way, Cut The Crab has 3 stores in Senayan, Pantai Indah Kapuk and Kelapa Gading. Spend a day with your family to have some fun and build a stronger relationship. Be the guest!

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