West Papuan

Can East Indonesian separatists supporters answer these 2 simple questions?

1. What do you feel about the West Papuan armed separatists' crimes such as the recruitment of child soldiers and sexual exploitation over women?

The Associated Press reported that the armed West Papuan separatists are proud of recruiting child soldiers as their members. This is recognized as a war crime by international law.

CNN Indonesia and BBC Indonesia reported for West Papua news that in 2018-2019 there were shooting cases by the West Papuan separatists that killed 49 people.

The armed separatists took hostage 15 teachers and medics on October 3-17, 2018. They took turn in raping one of the female teachers. The victim's story was detailed by Suara.com.

2. Can you build a country just based on one exclusive race?

Separatist supporters believe that the West Papuan’s race is different from the rest of Indonesians. Even they are still using the fake West Papua flag and the West Papua song that was given by the Dutch. However, they forget that Indonesia is a country of diversity.

Why can’t we, Indonesians, live together harmoniously even though we look different from one another?

Indonesia is an archipelago, consisting of 17,504 islands, 300+ ethnic groups, 5 religions, and 742 local languages.

As an example, the relationship between New Zealand and indigenous New Zealand is getting better even though there were times when the government oppressed the indigenous.

It does not erase what the government has done in the past, but it shows their commitment to be united in one country.

If the Māori, Pākehā, and other Polynesians can live harmoniously in their differences, then so can Indonesians with all their ethnicity and religions.

The Tamils in Southern India and the Naga people in Northeastern India are physically and culturally distinct. However, they all still identify themselves as Indian.

Likewise, the Chams in Southern Vietnam and the Hmong people in Northern Vietnam are also culturally very distinct, yet they are still considered as Vietnamese.

Moreover, Indonesia have 5 major regions of Melanesian descent, such as Papua, West Papua, East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, and Maluku.

Indonesia can only look forward to better the welfare of its people, spread in 17,504 islands, from Aceh to West Papua.

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